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Stevie Marlowe Gets Shot

Stevie Marlowe shot
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Home and Away is no stranger to characters being endangered. A few years ago, we did a post on 10 of the show’s saddest deaths after the murder of Mason Morgan. It’s also been a while since someone has died onscreen. From memory, the last character to perish was Ari Parata after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was just before he married his on-off partner, Mia Anderson. He married her and died hours later. The character who is targeted this time is newcomer Stevie Marlowe who is shot by her stalker.

Former Summer Bay policeman Cash Newman was hired to protect Stevie after she complained about being stalked. The stalker was caught and arrested. To cut a long story short, in the most recent episode, Cash gets a call from his bosses saying the guy harassing Marlowe has been released from remand. He’s on his way to the Bay.

Little does Cash realise that the stalker is already in the Bay and has taken aim at Stevie Marlowe with a sniper rifle as she is mid-scene on the film she is making when she is shot.

Stevie Marlowe Being Shot Has Been Known For Awhile

Back to the Bay reported on the shooting storyline a few months ago. It was reported the actress playing Stevie was seen filming a scene with Nicholas Cartwright (Cash) where she collapses into his arms. A later scene shows a memorial that says RIP Stevie.

The information Back to the Bay was given came from people who attended the Summer Bay Tour. Stevie Marlowe being shot was known well before she arrived on-screen. This shouldn’t be too surprising as on most shows when they bring in a stalker storyline or something dramatic they create a character purely to kill them off.

According to the promos, it looks like there is more to Stevie being shot than we thought. We saw Alf in a promo last week yelling for everyone to get into the Surf Club as he called the police. Tane and Felicity are both caught up in the shooting too, but to what extent is unclear.

Tane is dressed in a suit as it’s the first day of his trial for kidnapping baby Maia (later revealed to be named Poppy). He’s on the phone to Felicity when he sees the stalker with a gun and he chases after him, leaving Flick on the end wondering what’s going on. We see her looking for her ex-husband and see her freeze. Does she see Tane attack the stalker? Does her ex-hubby get shot? We don’t know. This week will be a dramatic one.

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