The Wrong Side Of Wrong: The Rachel Zegler-Snow White Controversy

Rachel Zegler, Snow White

Disney has been in hot water for a few years now. Their films aren’t performing as they used to at the box office, with many becoming bomb office bombs. Also, the company’s reinstated boss, Bob Iger, has put his foot in it by claiming that the writers and actors currently on strike are being “unreasonable” when demanding better pay. At the same time, he sits on top of millions of dollars being put into his bank account annually. Then came the controversy surrounding actress Rachel Zegler and her comments about Snow White.

For those who don’t know, a live-action Snow White movie is coming to our screens in 2024 with Rachel Zegler in the lead role while Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, will play the Evil Queen.

So, according to Trevor Decker News, the Snow White remake release has been moved and is up in the air due a several factors. One is the SAG-AFTA strikes, and the second is the backlash triggered by Zegler’s comments.

She claims the 1937 version of Prince Charming from Walt Disney’s career-shattering film was “actively stalking Snow White.” Though, she neglects to mention the other themes of the story. This isn’t the only controversy that the film has faced.

Another Controversy

The film will not feature the dwarves as we know them; hence little people actors won’t be included in the roles of the 12 dwarves. Moreover, the son of the 1937 film’s director has told The Telegraph that his father and Walt Disney would be turning in their graves over the remake’s direction. David Hand (whose father shared the same name) said that Walt would be horrified at how his once beloved company has become a woke corporation and how they’ve turned his beloved classic film into something it shouldn’t be.

Another comment Rachel Zegler made was that the original story was “extremely dated.” Um. What?

It’s understandable why people are pissed off. Ziegler might be only 22, but plenty of actresses are the same age and more respectful. Also, why did she take the role if she hated the story? Sure, it’s money in her pocket, and she would join many actresses who have played Disney Princesses, but that is not the point.

A Snow White History Lesson

Plenty of actresses would have killed to play the role of Snow White in a Disney movie. However, they cast someone who has no respect for what came before.

So, let’s jump back to when the Snow White story came about. Just as an FYI, this has nothing to do with Disney. So, the Brothers Grimm published the original story in 1812 as part of their collection of stories as the 53rd tale. Walt Disney’s film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was released over a hundred years later in 1937 – 125 years after the story was initially published.

The story was already old when it was first made into a film, so Rachel Zegler’s comment holds no weight whatsoever. Also, by the time the 2024 film comes out, 87 years will have passed since the original movie came out.

Other Versions Of The Snow White Story

Disney isn’t the only corporation who have used the Snow White story. ABC used Snow White and Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time, where they were the lead character’s parents. Then there was the Snow White and the Huntsman movie with Kristen Stewart and its spin-off The Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth reprising his role from the previous film. There was also a version with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts released around the same time as the darker Stewart/Hemsworth one called Mirror, Mirror.

There was also a film in the 90s with Kristin Kreuk as Snow White. The story has been done a dozen times, if not more, on screen.

The Complaints Of Rachel Zegler Don’t Compute

For Rachel Zegler to take on a role that she probably didn’t want in the first place and then proceed to complain and then cry about it later, saying everyone’s just mean, she needs to get over herself.

Her comments clearly show that she didn’t research the themes behind the Disney film. Yes, the Prince was somewhat of a stalker, but that wasn’t the overall talking point of the story Walt was trying to tell.

The Themes Of Snow White

The original Snow White film was about girlhood, naivety, vanity and, in a sense, narcissism. Snow was a naive young girl who had no experience in the world as she lived under the thumb of her cruel and vain stepmother, who hated her because she was beautiful and wanted her heart so she could maintain her beauty.

Also, Snow White takes an apple from a total stranger (her stepmother in disguise) and dies and needs the prince to kiss her to bring her back to life. Rachel needs to understand the story isn’t about fighting the patriarchy with word-salad speeches and attempting not to offend everyone.

If You Don’t Want Criticism, Don’t Complain

Finally, she has done more damage to her career by calling out a story she has worked to reimagine for a crowd of woke warriors. Crying about why people called her out for her comments doesn’t improve things. It will only make people madder and hate her more. People don’t like it when people complain about how others perceive them. If you don’t want people criticising you, don’t complain about your life and how hard people are on you. It’s easy.

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