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Meghan Thought Her Stardom Was Huge – No One Had Heard Of Her Or Suits – OPINION

Meghan Markle thought her stardom was huge when she was on Suits. In Tom Bower’s Revenge, her former agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, and others tried to hook her up with jobs. The actress, who was sixth on the Suits call sheet, was so convinced she was a true starlet, insisted several times that she booked under an alias when she went to hotels.

Suits was not a huge show, nor was it an impactful series. It was your standard run-of-the-mill show about lawyers, like The West Wing or Boston Legal, except no one had heard of it.

Meghan Believed Suits (And Her Stardom) Was Bigger Than It Was

Unlike West Wing and Boston Legal, which were run on free-to-air networks, Suits was on a cable network where it had a smaller audience. To give an example, Suits was lucky if it get up to 3 million viewers per episode. An episode of say, Boston Legal, during its early run, got an average of 10 million viewers per episode. It only ran for 5 seasons and had a bigger impact than the 9 Seasons of Suits ever did.

When you think of legal dramas, you don’t automatically think of Suits. You would think of Ally McBeal and as we mentioned Boston Legal and The West Wing. Others that spring to mind are JAG, The Practice which is what Boston Legal spun off from, Burden of Proof and Bull.

It’s doubtful that Suits would be at the top of many legal drama fan’s lists unless they were familiar with the show. So, Tom Bower paints Meghan’s desperation to be famous and for people to shower in her stardom as an obvious attempt for attention. She genuinely believed that her soap story and acting skills were subpar.

Very Few People Knew The Name ‘Meghan Markle’

Not many people knew the name ‘Meghan Markle’, let alone from ‘Suits’. Some people saw through her act like Elizabeth Nyamayaro, who refused her need for luxury. Many fell under her spell, like Lara Dewar, a Suits fan and John Fitzpatrick, a businessman with ties to the Clintons.

Then, there was her boyfriend, Cory Vitiello. He saw through her too. He couldn’t bring himself to end the relationship. His mother didn’t see the cracks forming.

Even Prince Harry originally claimed that he didn’t know who Meghan was. Yet, we’re meant to believe that William and Catherine knew who she was.

The most insulting part? Not even Liam Neeson, the big A-list Hollywood action star, knew who she was. He denied having ever met her, despite there being a photo of them with John Fitzpatrick.

Meghan Stardom
[Credit: Pinterest]

The only people that would have recognised Meghan was via Suits. She had bit parts in some films, but she was never ‘in Hollywood’ like she claims. She has never accepted that her stardom as Meghan Markle never existed even after she became The Duchess of Sussex. If you have Liam Neeson and Emma Watson turning you down, you’re not important.

With Emma, there is a photo of her and Meghan together. But it is unclear when this was taken. There is the possibility of photoshopping. We’ve asked around and it appears to be legit. We’ll go ahead and explore this in a later post.

[Credit: Emma Watson Updates]

If this image is photoshopped, it wouldn’t be the first time. There is a picture of Harry and Meghan standing in the rain. The prince is wet and Meghan is dry. We’ve been unable to find it. The original picture was actually of Harry with another woman, not Markle.

Pretending To Be Friends With Celebrities Isn’t The Same As Actual Friendship

Okay, this next point is vital to Meghan and her need for stardom. She thought that by going to events she could mingle with A-listers and she’d be instantly recognised. She gave this impression on The Tig with her Tig Talks.

However, true celebrity friendships can last decades. For example, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have been friends for over 30 years. Depp has been in 8 of Burton’s films while his former partner, Helena Bonham Carter, had been in 7. Johnny and Tim are so close that Depp is godfather to Burton’s son.

What celebrity friends has Meghan got that have lasted? We’re not talking people like Abigail Spencer who isn’t an A-lister. If anything, Abigail is no better than Meghan, but at least she’s been in some noteworthy shows. She was in True Detective, Timeless and Mad Men, to name a few.

Meghan was nowhere near as fortunate to get such high-profile gigs. Also, Timeless is one of those shows that had a cult following. It was cancelled and then renewed and then cancelled again, but not before there was a television movie to give the series a proper ending.

We also know that major Hollywood star, George Clooney and his wife Amal, who attended the 2018 wedding, haven’t been seen with the Sussexes in years. When they were asked by Harry’s godmother how they knew the couple, they laughed and said they didn’t.

George did defend them at one point, comparing how they were supposedly treated to Princess Diana. From what has been reported, there was a whole thing where before this, the Sussexes stayed at their Lake Como home. Where is George and Amal now, huh? Let’s not forget that the wedding invite was declined by Reese Witherspoon because she didn’t know the Sussexes.

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