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Nice Try, But Not Good Enough! Mass Sugar Gathering Data In An Attempt To Silence Sussex Critics


The Sugar train, better known as the Sussex Squad, doesn’t know when to quit. They’re attempting to shut down “hate” accounts by mass reporting accounts that are simply stating their opinion. To these bigots, we are the enemy. We’re the ones who are vile. However, our little group doesn’t go after children. We don’t cheer when Her Majesty is sick. Also, we don’t issue death threats towards the royals who “stand in Harry and Meghan’s way to the throne.”

To be a Sugar means to be a toxic slug ball that comes out of your washing machine. These people have no sympathy for anyone, and it shows in the new “reports” that are coming out. A member of the Sussex Squad who runs the website Bot Sentinel, which is supposed to root out bot accounts, has gone public with data of “Sussex Hate Accounts”.

We can tell you now that most of the people on the list aren’t hate accounts. Also, there were Sugar accounts on there too. The guy, who we don’t name as we don’t want to be hunted down and doxxed, clearly didn’t do a heap of research and cannot tell the difference between calling someone out for their poor behaviour and actual toxicity. Several media outlets including, BuzzFeed and HuffPost, are taking the “data” from his guy’s report at face value. We do not want to give these articles any more oxygen than they’re already getting, so we won’t be linking them. If you want to read about them, please Google them or use your favourite news app.

As a publication that is (still) finding its legs in the world of the scandals of the rich and famous, we’re learning very quickly that some people with verified ticks on their socials, don’t always deserve them.

Sugar Alert!

Having verified members of the Sugar squad out there, only makes it harder to bring the truth to light. Someone posted a screenshot from an article from Macleans, which we found physically regarding a Twitter bot hive back in 2019 which was responsible for attacking journalists for simply reporting on Meghan.

The same thing is happening with this Bot Sentinel issue. Even Yahoo has picked up the “story”, according to the site’s news page. Not to mention, this morning on Australian television, the data was used as if it were accurate. Journalists aren’t willing to look up the facts. Let alone look at the Sugar accounts and form a well-rounded opinion. If they did, they would find the Sussex Squad issues death threats towards the royals who matter. Especially the younger royals.

Want proof of how the Sugar lumps feel about Her Majesty? Look at this Tweet that royal reporter Richard Eden posted of the Sussex Squad rejoicing that the Queen was sick.

Bias Reporting

The Pro-Sussex publications, and believe us when we say there are plenty of them, will not own up to their mistakes. They’re so desperate to put Meghan in the best light possible they don’t realise that they’re going to crash and burn when true facts are reported.

What’s more, is a reporter for BuzzFeed had to announce that the findings “weren’t accurate”. However, the journalist pushed the blame one hundred per cent onto the guy who posted the data. Yes, he put out the information, but as a reporter, it’s your job to fact-check. The same applies to the other outlets who have pushed this “intel”.

Journalists are supposed to look at both sides of the equation. Not just the side they identify with the most. Usually, if there’s more evidence to one side, that’s the one who is the truth. As we’ve said countless times on this blog, there is a big difference between “THE truth” and “YOUR truth.”

Usually, YOUR truth is in your mind about what happened. Meanwhile, THE truth has facts. in other words, YOUR truth is the woke populace’s way of escaping punishment. In conclusion, we’ve said before, if someone doesn’t agree with or like Meghan, they’re deemed racist. For the final time, this has nothing to do with her race. Moreover, this has to do with her personality and her overall character. She has a track record of treating those around her like they’re inferior to her.

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C.J. Hawkings has written for the now-defunct Entertainment website, Movie Pilot and the still functioning WhatCulture and ScreenRant. She prides herself as a truth seeker and will do (almost) anything for coffee or Coke No Sugar. Oh! And food!

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