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Is Serena Williams Playing Meghan Markle Or Is She Sincerely Her Friend?

Serena Williams is a tricky lady to work out. So what on Earth is going on with Serena Williams? In Meghan Markle’s podcast, Archetypes, the pair fawned over each other like there was no tomorrow. However, in Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, Sam Kashner informed him that he was told the grand slam champion and Meghan weren’t friends.

Then, there’s the interview that Serena did with her sister, Venus and someone else, where she was asked about Meghan, and she denied knowing her. Something odd is happening here, and it’s been bothering me. It wasn’t until the podcast came out did I realise that something was majorly off.

Moreover, that brings us to what we’re talking about today. We know Serena is this big tennis player who faced sexism during her twenty-year career. We know this. But she’s also a grown woman who has a small child. Also, does she approve of a near-forty-year-old bullying a then-three-year-old? Did she think Meghan would achieve a great deal by being cruel to Princess Charlotte? Or, she is one of those ignorant fangirls who say, “Meg wouldn’t do that! She’s so nice!”?

The Rumours With Serena And Her Mother

So, let’s move over to RUMOURS. There was speculation that Meghan and Serena were friends. However, the catch is that Williams was told by Markle to ‘downplay’ their relationship. Could this be the case? It’s possible, most definitely. Moreover, that brings in the next rumour we have.

Rumour has it that Serena’s mother doesn’t like Meghan. How do we know this? There’s video footage of Markle at the tennis. I think it’s the US Open, and Oracene Price, Serena’s mother, didn’t address Meghan at the game.

Meghan looked lost as she didn’t like being ignored. This is also the game; it is said that Markle was told not to attend. However, she showed up anyway, and Serena lost the match. Also, this is the same tournament where Meghan allegedly flashed her panties at Serena’s husband, Alexis. She also was flirting with him, which was all caught on camera.

[Credit: TENOR]

If you want to know more about this, I strongly recommend Exposing SMG’s post on this, and they have a LOT to say. The article was published in 2020. This is long before Tom Bower wrote Revenge. I believe both as many facts from both sources align. One such point is that Meghan was so low on the Hollywood food chain that everyone ignored her.

Could Serena Be Using Meghan Due To Her Elevated Status?

Exposing SMG mentions that given Meghan is controversial, it gives her an edge. Now that Serena has retired from tennis, she needs the media occasionally. That’s where Markle comes into the picture.

Given Meghan’s status and constant need to be in the media, Serena may use her to keep her name relevant. However, it seems to have backfired as all Meghan spoke about in her podcast with Serena is herself. When Williams went to talk about her daughter breaking her wrist, Meghan had to one-up her and say that Archie almost died in a “housing unit” fire. I’ve already mentioned how I don’t believe this.

When Serena married Alexis in 2017, the Sussexes weren’t invited. Exposing SMG made this connection. The couple [Serena and Alexis] only attended the Sussexes’ wedding because it was a big deal, and good publicity for them.

Going back to the tennis match, there are superstitions. NRL in Australia is similar. My uncle was one of these believers for a long time. ESMG says that Serena’s mother ignored Meghan because of her flirting with Alexis. So yeah, I can see that.

Why Would Williams Dismiss Being Friends With Meghan?

One question that annoys me is why Serena would deny being friends with Meghan. Outside of the interview with Venus, Serena hasn’t given a reason for dismissing her friendship with Meghan.

Allegedly, Meghan told Serena to downplay their friendship. However, Serena’s appearance on the Archetypes podcast has her gushing over Meghan. I think it could be a bit of both. It benefits her as she keeps her name attached to someone with a title. But, on the other hand, it would be as foreign to her as to Meghan, who is essentially the modern-day Wallis Simpson.

Using her podcast to talk about herself while having a famous friend who needs no introduction is Meghan’s way of remaining in the public forum. It took her almost two years to produce anything outside of that heinous holiday special from a couple of years ago that came in behind whale sounds.

Archetypes is on top of the Spotify charts, outdoing Joe Rogan. However, there is so much more to this. A legitimate listen only has to be a minute. I hope Serena is proud of herself. Her friend pays to be on a list she doesn’t deserve. It shows that when you’re rich, you can buy your way to the top.

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