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Meghan Markle’s TigTots Could Earn Her A Ton Money + The Celebrity Connections To Her Favourite Parenting Charities

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Meghan Markle could be trying to create a Tig brand by having TigTots act as the parenting component, alongside The Tig being the lifestyle sector. There have been many conversations on the internet and in the mainstream media about whether she would return to her former life as she never intended to remain a royal. That also brings in her pursuits of being an authority in the parenting charities niche.

In part two of our look into TigTots, we’ll look at the times when Meghan Markle tried to brand herself as a mother and the celebrity connections to parenting charities that the former actress is trying assoicate with.

Meghan The Influencer

Many people call Meghan Markle an influencer because of what she posted on The Tig. Neil Sean, The Daily Mail and Family Guy all refer to her as this. In a way, she is still influencing people by making them believe in her victim narrative. However, this might still be her angle as she has nothing left. She is not a creative as she believes she is. Why? Because she has no talent and no interest in actually doing work.

It would not be surprising if she believed they’d get all the money in one go when she and Harry signed those big contracts with Spotify and Netflix. If she did, that is a very stupid thought. Even A-list celebrities who get these same deals know that the money that is given out is supposed to be for production costs. There would only be a payout if a project is produced and completed.

Indeed, Meghan would have known that since she was in the Canadian entertainment business, where she knew producers from her time on Suits.

Why Is The Tig Brand So Much More Important Than Being A Royal?

Most people can’t seem to grasp why Meghan’s Tig brand, better known as her influencer career, is more important than being a royal. Also, does she remember getting brand deals when she was running The Tig? Does she remember joining forces with Birchbox?

Also, it has been rumoured that Meghan could earn up to one million dollars per Instagram post. However, she would need a ton of followers to get that amount of money for a single post. The Kardashians get close to that and have that deal, or at least some of them do. Any person rarely has a million-dollar per post deal.

She also wants people to think she’s a devoted mother by looking after her ‘sick’ child and getting them milkshakes.

The Celebrities Meghan Wants To Rival With Her Tig Brand

If you’ve been following Meghan’s media coverage, you’ll be aware that she initially wanted to rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. Why? Because Gwyneth’s brand is super successful. Another celebrity brand she wants to steal the thunder from is Jessica Alba and her Honest brand. The Fantastic Four actress has a connection to Markle through her makeup artist who happens to be Daniel Martin.

Daniel Martin has been friends with Meghan since at least 2011.

This would not be the first time that Markle has tried to get connections with a more famous person. She has stolen quotes from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and posed like Angelina Jolie. Let’s not forget that she has also copied Princesses Diana and Catherine.

Furthermore, she has tried to connect herself to Zoe Saldana, Cameron Diaz, and Benji Madden, amongst others.

Parenting Charities Meghan Has Aligned Herself

Meghan makes out that she is this giving person who gives to charity, but we all know she uses that excuse to make it appear she is a kind, giving woman. WME has its work cut out for them as they could be the ones who are pushing her to pursue the influencer route again as the Hollywood philanthropic angle just isn’t working.

So, let’s look at what we know about the parenting charities Meghan has aligned herself with since Archie’s birth five years ago.

Baby 2 Baby

One of the earliest parenting charities that Meghan had ties to is Baby 2 Baby. This connection was first revealed on the Sussex royal Instagram account after Archie’s birth. Furthermore, this was likely one of the first hints that the move to California was in the works. Although, there is a Baby 2 Baby in the UK.

After further inspection of the Instagram account for the charity, it looks like Markle was working with the USA Baby 2 Baby. Also, the charities might be two different ones as there is no reference to the US Baby 2 Baby founders being on the website of the UK charity.

Baby 2 Baby has a long association with Hollywood celebrities. There is a gala held every year where a ton of celebrities gather. Some of these include:

  • Jessica Alba
  • Channing Tatum
  • Salma Hayek
  • Zoe Saldana
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Sofia Richie Grainge
  • Hailey Bieber
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Phoebe Tonkin

Alliance Of Moms

A friend of Meghan’s, Kelly McKee Zajfen, runs a charity called Alliance Of Moms and she lost her son. Meghan has been known to pop up with Kelly in photos wearing merch as a way of “supporting” her.

Harvest Home

Meghan was involved at one point with Harvest Home, the charity event where she wore thousands of dollars of jewellery to help homeless pregnant mothers.

Lobbying Republican Senators

Also, there was the whole Meghan cold-calling Republican senators about paid family leave thing. Why not lobby democratic senators? After all, she is a democrat. This was off the back of her letter to Nancy Pelosi which mentioned she had a poor childhood where she could only eat $5 salads from Sizzler.

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