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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Pearl And Heart Of Invictus Will Be Harry And Meghan’s Downfall


The Netflix deal will determine whether Harry and Meghan sink or swim – Pearl and Heart of Invictus will destroy their reputation. Sorry, not sorry. Netflix is already beginning to regret signing the pair. With the Duke of Montecito finishing up with the Invictus Games, he is currently getting footage for his Netflix project.

Meghan, meanwhile, went because there would be countless camera opportunities. Go figure, right? Anyway, her animated project, Pearl, has yet to make much progress. There has been endless speculation about whether it will even see the light of day. There have been plenty of rumours. It is alleged that Meghan wanted the lead character to be a cross between herself and Pocahontas. Also, Netflix is struggling to find a crew. I don’t know where the information came from as I can no longer find it.

Pearl – the character, not the show – is basically a fictional version of Meghan. She also stole the concept from other women like Chelsea Clinton, who wrote a series of books about a time-travelling girl.

As for Heart of Invictus, they’re now in the middle of production as the Invictus Games at The Hague in the Netherlands are happening. Hopefully, with the games about to wrap up, they have enough material. Though, the one thing people have noticed is that he is ignoring caucasian people and hugging black people. He was a racist, especially after his remarks about soldiers he served with and his then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Since he and Meghan have been in the US, they have focused on caucasian people, and they use the black community as props. The BLM movement was Meghan’s way of pretending she gave a shit about the community she claims to be a part of. Pearl is going to be a failure when and if it releases. There should not be a massive call out for staff the way there has been. If you look through Markle News on Instagram, they’ve screenshotted several announcements from a Netflix recruiter.

People are not stupid. They know that Megan is toxic; that’s why people don’t want to work on her projects.

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