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What ‘Dragons’ Are Prince Harry Referring To? – OPINION

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Prince Harry is making metaphors that don’t make sense and referring to something as dragons. To quote Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana: “What?” In December 2023, the second son of King Charles III had a small victory in the British Courts against the media specifically The Mirror Group. The prince via his lawyer, David Sherbourne, told people outside the court, as per Yahoo! Finance:

Today’s ruling is vindicating and affirming. I’ve been told that slaying dragons will get you burned but in light of today’s victory and the importance of doing what is needed for a free and honest press, it is a worthwhile price to pay. The mission continues.

David Sherbourne, Prince Harry’s lawyer

Note what Prince Harry’s statement says about dragons. What the eff is he talking about? We’ll address some of his delusions in Babes Against Bullsh*t on Substack later, but he’s referring to the media as dragons that need to be slain.

In our humble opinion, Prince Harry’s need to “slay dragons” is his way of saying that there needs to be media censorship where no one can say anything bad about him and his beloved Meghan. Okay, well, there have been rumours for years that there is a super injunction regarding the truth surrounding Archie’s birth and existence. Whether this is true, we have no clue, nor do we care.

The children should not be bought into this drama, regardless if they’re in the line of succession or not or if they’re real. If there is a dramatic divorce, we expect Harry to come out swinging at Meghan for getting him into he conspiracy they accuse everyone else of.

Prince Harry And His Slaying Dragons Belief

Anyway, Harry’s mind is so warped, due this belief that his mother would want him to destroy the media on her and Meghan’s behalf. He does not want to accept that his mother courted the attention the same way his wife does today. As someone pointed out on Twitter in a comparison to William and Catherine and Harry and Meghan’s weddings, the Cambridges only had eyes for each other as they left the church. Meghan only had eyes for the camera and not her new husband. We cannot seem to find the post now, but it was a good one. These are photos that were used.

It makes perfect sense. Both these photos were taken as the couples were walking out of the ceremony. William and Catherine were looking at each other, while Meghan is not even looking at Harry. She doesn’t love him. Her true love is the camera and microphones come in a close second.

Prince Harry is grasping at straws when he claims he is “slaying dragons” in the media. He wants to shut down journalism and relaunch it in his and Meghan image where everything he goes is the greatest ever. Sorry to break it to you Haz, but America and every country that is not a communist nation, will never allow you to shut down their freedom of speech. Plus, you’re the one who told Dax Shephard that America’s First Amendment is “Bonkers” and that you didn’t understand it. Has he been in contact with you since? No.

The ‘Dragons’ Hate Prince Harry, But Do They?

If we’re talking about Dragons, what about all the times the media have called Prince Harry and Meghan out for their constant criticisms? Okay, well, they should be exposing the truth about Archie and Lilibet or at least, taking about the rumours.

The people want to know the truth, but it’s evident that the media is too scared to go up against Harry and Meghan. They keep saying that everything the royal family do like not going to the Invictus 10th Anniversary is a snub to Harry. Or there is a headline the Sugars put up saying that Catherine chased William’s life on her mother’s orders. We blocked the person Twitter, but we did find the article. What a load of BS! Why aren’t the media looking into how Meghan got with Harry? Why aren’t they looking into how she ended up entangled with him?

William has always been a good judge of character. If he thought Catherine was chasing him in order to be Queen, he would not have dated or married her. He and Harry were both cautioned when they both started dating that there would be women who would want to date them for their status. William got the message. Harry, for a time, did too. However, all that went out the window when he met Meghan.

The media, in some aspects, can be good. However, in other aspects, they only want people to click on their work. They don’t care who their work hurts.

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