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Who Is Merrin In Star Wars?

Merrin, Star Wars
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With all this talk about Nightsisters, it’s time to introduce casual Star Wars fans to Merrin. She is one of the main characters in the video game series Jedi, which currently has two titles: Fallen Order and Survivor. There are rumours of a third game being in development.

Who is Merrin? She is a Nightsister who is one of the only survivors of General Grevious’ massacre of Dathomir in 19BBY. In the following years, Merrin was forced to follow the fallen Jedi, Talon Malicos. When Cal Kestis arrives on the planet on a mission to find a Holocron containing the names of Force Sensitive children, Merrin helps him defeat Malicos and imprisons him.

Five Years Later…

In the five years that follow, a rift forms between the members of the Mantis crew, leading most of them to go out on their own. The chemistry between Merrin and Cal is evident from the beginning. However, after the Mantis crew goes through its growing pains, they both go off and do their own thing before they are pulled together again with Greez and Cere Junda.

They kiss during the mission and again when they think they’re about to die. Cal has to choose between saving Merrin or killing his best friend, Bode, who has a young daughter, Kata. Given the threat he has become, he decides to save Merrin and kill Bode. Ultimately, this leaves Kata orphaned. This was after Bode had Eno Cordova killed, and Cere had also died.

Merrin and Cal decide to raise Kata as their own, making her a member of the Mantis crew.

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