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Who Are Rowena And Helena Ravenclaw In Harry Potter?

Rowena, Helena

You cannot have Hogwarts without Rowena Ravenclaw, a co-founder alongside Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff. Helena Ravenclaw is her daughter, who, in death, would become the Ravenclaw House ghost.

Rowena was Scottish and eventually found out she was magical. She either made her wand herself or purchased it from the Ollivander family. She was also very close to co-founder Helga Hufflepuff, who was Welsh. Rowena was born pre-976.

Helena’s father is unknown; she was born no earlier than 982. Whether Helena was Irish or British, despite her mother being Scottish, is unknown. She had a complicated relationship with her mother, whom she felt overshadowed by. Helena stole her mother’s diadem (tiara) and ran away, wanting to be brighter than Rowena.

Helena was also a member of her mother’s Ravenclaw house when she was a student at Hogwarts.

As Rowena’s life faded, she asked the Bloody Baron to find her daughter so she could say her final goodbyes to her. The Baron, who was in love with Helena, found her but was rejected. Enraged, he killed Helena in a fit of rage.

Horrified by what he had done, the Baron killed himself. Rowena never got to see her daughter again.

Helena would later become the Ravenclaw house ghost known as The Grey Lady. Harry Potter seeks her out to end Lord Voldemort’s reign of terror and his need to destroy the diadem in order bring down the dark lord once and for all.

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