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SUSSEX THEORY: Is Harry Using Meghan?


Prince Harry has lost respect and is washed up in his reality bubble. Does this mean he is using Meghan as a shield?

Harry is desperate. YouTuber Princess Tiffany has voiced an intriguing theory. Is the Duke of Sussex using Meghan? The YouTuber says Markle is allegedly tired of her husband’s complaining. We agree with this as we posted a rumour a while ago that the delusional former royal was calling his wife by his mother’s name. In other words, he’s become washed out.

Ultimately, Harry wants to be Diana.

Meghan (allegedly) is annoyed her husband is living in the past. Also, he hasn’t dealt with his childhood trauma of losing Diana. Essentially, she still wants the 500 million dollars she was promised. Moreover, Harry told her they’ll make a billion dollars. Ben Hill from The Sun claims that the Sussexes want money but will do nothing in return. In their eyes, the money Prince Charles gave them isn’t enough. Just this alone shows how washed up they are.

Washed Up And As Bad As Each Other

Meghan is a golddigger who fell in love with Harry’s cash. The prince, however, fell for Markle because she has similar attributes to his mother.

Do we believe the royal family was neglectful? No. They did everything to help Diana, but it’s Charles neglected his first wife. Moreover, she also had affairs to feel loved. The Prince of Wales only married her to get heirs. His heart was always with Camilla. There is speculation that when Diana was pregnant with Prince William, the Queen helped her when she threw herself down the stairs.

Anyway, Meghan portrays herself as the victim. She considers she is a humanitarian. Furthermore, she talks about compassion though she treats the staff at Kensington Palace horribly. Then, there are the rumours about how she bullied Princess Charlotte during the bridesmaid dress fittings.

Princess Tiffany mentions in her video that Harry doesn’t have much going for him. Sure, he has Meghan’s mixed-race heritage, but what else? He jumps on his wife’s race card train to garner sympathy. Markle wants money and the connections Harry can provide her. Ultimately, this includes naming their daughter after The Queen and Princess Diana.

Grovel And Lack Of Talent

Harry thrives off conflict, and he wants someone to say, “You were right, Harry! We apologise for everything we’ve done to you! We’ll grovel if you want us to!” Moving over to Meghan and she isn’t bothered about her race. She never was. Before she and Harry got together, she rarely spoke about her ethnicity. Whenever she did, it was always to gloat. Oh, and she identified as caucasian. 

What’s more, is she blames her ethnicity for not getting work as an actor. She’s just wasn’t good at a career she’d had for almost twenty years. Has she won awards for her role on Suits? No, she hasn’t. Casting directors look for people with actual talent. It has nothing to do with race.

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