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Meghan Has Been Creating Domains For Basically Every Milestone In Her So-Called Royal Life


Meghan has allegedly been creating domain names for years to cash in on massive ‘royal’ milestones…

Here’s the thing about website domains. You have to pay for them on a yearly basis… or at least, we do in order to keep this site operational. But, what happens when you buy a bunch of them? Well, you’d have to be uber-rich to have over a dozen domains filed, though it does depend on which site you’re buying them from. Some are like free for the first year and so on and so forth.

Now, you’re probably wondering where we’re going with this. Some rather clever and determined Twitter users have been tracking down domains that have been allegedly snapped up by Meghan Markle. We came across this on the Markle News Instagram account and decided to dig up the very telling tweet from @vbspurs who posted this list:

[Credit: @vbspurs – Twitter]

What’s more, is that if you type in the address mentioned in the tweet ‘’ it actually comes up with a page of photos of Meghan both before and after her marriage to Harry.

Three Domains Were Registered Before The Engagement Announcement

As you can see in @vbspurs’ tweet, the second of the top two domains were registered on 29th November 2016 in California as per the WHOIS search on GoDaddy. Harry and Meghan’s engagement was announced in November of the following year – 2017. Now, at the time, Markle was not living in America at this time. So, the Duchess of Sussex website name is questionable as to where she owns it. The ‘Princess Meghan Markle’ one which was purchased on 8th November 2016, as per WHOIS we think she bought, though.

The third of the domains ‘’ was also registered before the engagement but was created roughly six months before Harry had even slipped that custom-made ring on Meghan’s finger. This also comes from WHOIS.

The Domains Back Up What The BBC Said About The Queen Not Being Asked

Harry and Meghan swear up and down that they asked The Queen for permission to use her very personal nickname, Lilibet as their daughter’s name. But, the BBC said that they did not. The domain names appear to confirm what the news outlet has revealed.

One of the domains, ‘’ was registered on October 27, 2019, according to WHOIS. This is well and truly prior to her conception. So this makes us wonder if they were planning to have another child so soon after Archie. We know that Meghan had a miscarriage in June or July 2020. Looking at the evidence we have with the website names, it makes us think they had chosen the name well in advance of her being conceived.

They always intended in using Lilibet as their future daughter’s name. Three of the domains were registered four days before Lili’s arrival. Three others were bought on the day of her birth. Finally, the final of the domains associated with baby Lili ‘’ was snapped up on 7th June 2021.

Domains For Archie

Archie also had domains bought in his name as well. one of the most famous ones is Others have been reserved including,, and These were all bought in the UK around the time of his birth.

Queen Meghan Pounces

Before we end this post, we wanted to bring up another domain that has been bought. Out of curiosity, we decided to look up ‘’ on WHOIS, and guess what came up? A domain name was purchased on 17th June 2020 in the US.

If she did buy it, then Meghan is never gone to get what she truly wants; to be Queen Meghan.

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