Sussex RUMOUR: Hold Up… Did Meghan Imply She Wants The Cambridges To… You Know?


Does Meghan want the throne so badly that she wants the Cambridges to meet their doom?

Normally, we would not write a rumour like this but we couldn’t pass it up. A Blind Gossip post implies that Meghan Markle is so jealous of the Cambridges and the power they wield that she wants them to meet their doom. This is utterly horrifying as she wants not just William and Catherine gone, but George, Charlotte, and Louis too. Could this be why she wants her children to have titles? She wants them to be Prince Archie and Princes Lilibet for when a ‘horrible accident’ occurs where Harry will have no choice but to take the throne.

If this is true then this shows the extent in which Meghan will go to get what she truly wants; the throne. She does realise that the monarchy no longer holds power, doesn’t she? Also, she said she alleges she felt suicidal while she was a royal so why would want she want to be Queen?

The Blind Gossip post illudes to the idea of the movie King Ralph where the entire royal family is killed in a freak accident. Then, in a really weird twist of fate, the titular character who happens to be an American becomes the monarch.

If this were factual, then she laughs at the idea of killing innocent people that including a 95-year-old woman, a man in his 70s, and three small children under the age of 10. Meghan really is sick in the head. Her supporters would probably be cheering from the rooftops for Queen Meghan and King Henry IX. Harry might think he has what it takes to be a monarch but he actually doesn’t. He hates hard work as evident when he said he hated doing charity work. Finally, there was the whole thing with his temper.

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