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The Bold And The Beautiful: Choose Wisely, Thomas

choose wisely

Thomas needs to choose wisely when it comes to what he knows Vinny has done…

If we were any good at doing a sing-song voice, we’d be sitting at our laptop going, “Choose wisely, Thomas”. The reason for this is because he has worked out what his good pal Vinny did with Steffy’s paternity results. He needs to think about what’s more important; telling the truth or keeping quiet and getting the life he wants.

He is onto best pal Vinny and has been listening very careful to things he has been saying. This is where the ‘choose carefully’ idea comes in. Thomas is no dummy, especially when it comes to deciphering what his friend has been saying.

Vinny has been going on and on about how better off Hope would be with him [Thomas] and how Liam is a waffler. While he’s correct, the businesswoman doesn’t want to be with her stepbrother. She is attempting to keep her family from falling apart since her wayward and selfish – sorry, idiotic – husband slept with his ex-wife and first baby mama and apparently got her pregnant.

Thomas has worked so hard to turn his life around since his brain injury forced him to hallucinate that the Hope for the Future manniquin was real. If you think about it, Vinny is doing what the doll did; trying get him to take Hope as his own. What is this? A Siren trying to seduce a sailer tied to the mast of a ship?

If he does choose wisely, Thomas might end up destroying his friendship with Vinny. Though, it may be worth it as Steffy and Finn would be able to plan that future they’ve been talking about so much. *barf* Though, it would mean Hope and Liam could (potentially) stay together. If Tommy Boy wanted to show growth, he’d do the right thing and tell someone.

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