Cambridge Alert! Princes George And Louis And Princess Charlotte Attend Pre-School Event With Their Parents While Indirectly Throwing Shade At Aunty Meghan + An Explainer


Editor’s Note: This Post Was Written PRIOR To Her Majesty The Queen’s Passing.

Meghan Markle could not be more wrong about how royal children are sent to school. Does she not realise that the press respects the royals’ privacy? Also, her kids aren’t vital to the monarchy, so why did she say there would be forty press members camped outside the school? Because she’s a compulsive liar who wants revenge against the Cambridge family.

The Cambridge children, accompanied by their parents, Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, attended a pre-school event the day before they begin at the Lambrook School. This event is for every new student to allow them to get used to their surroundings.

Now, Meghan likely has either drawn her conclusion about what happens when the kids go to school, or she’s going off what Harry has told her. It could be both things. Anyway, what we wanted to talk about, is what the protocol is regarding royal children and their schooling. We’ll go over what it was like William and Harry went to school and what it’s like for today’s royal kids.

William’s School Days

[Credit: My London]

When William and Harry were boys, the press operated very differently regarding their schooling than what it’s like now. In an article from the Guardian in 2002, the newspaper and magazines involved in publishing stories about the Wales brothers (as they were known then) said they still had to respect the pair’s privacy. This came after the royals were rocked by a drug scandal involving Prince Harry.

Moreover, when William started at Eton in September 1995, he was followed to his first class by the media. Now, this would not happen. Why? Because there are guidelines in place where only a stills photographer and a videographer are allowed to take video and photos of them arriving at the school. This includes the first meeting with the teacher or headmaster, or whoever they’re meeting.

An article by the ABC says that William doesn’t want his kids to be under the same scrutiny he was under growing up. Any slip-up could’ve resulted in a scandal. Harry was already causing havoc. He, of course, is not the first spare heir to create chaos. Princess Margaret had her fair share of scandals. As did Prince Andrew, especially when she wasn’t allowed to marry Koo Stark. Present scandals are excluded.

Setting The Record Straight – Meghan Lied Because She Wants Her In-Laws To Be Made Out As Unsympathetic And Toxic

Rebecca English, a royal correspondent, wrote in the Mail that the official photo op the Cambridge family undertook was “tightly controlled.” Also, she mentions an Editors’ Code where royal children are allowed to go to school without having their privacy violated.

Meghan hates her in-laws because they’re higher on the food chain than she is. She can’t seem to get over this constant revolving door. She created the lie to make it appear that William and Catherine want their kids in the spotlight. As Rebecca mentions in her short but sweet article, three people were there. A print journalist, cameraman, and photographer were the only media people there. No mobile phones were allowed as they would spook George, Charlotte, and Louis.

It’s double standards when it comes to Meghan. First, she cries that the media is after her and her children, but then she releases pictures or takes pap shots. So, what does that mean? She presents herself as a caring, doting mother who is better than everyone else when she’s envious. Markle wants to be on top when she is never on top, and she’s not bothering to hide her disdain for those above her.

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  1. Mary wells says:

    I can just see steam shooting out of tw ears as she learns she must know curtsey to William and
    Catherine…Ha ha as they were made prince and princess of Wales today =!!she deserves being put into her place by them

  2. cjhawkings says:

    Hi Mary, yeah I can see she-who-mustn’t-be-named screaming and crying and throwing things.

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