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Babes Against Bullshit: The Misogynistic Nature Of Australian Politics

[Please Read With Caution As This Post Contains Mentions Of Sexual Assault]

Usually, I wouldn’t go into Australian politics because they can be incredibly dull. However, I have been known to follow some of the politics in the United States mainly because I wanted to see Donald Trump fall on his face. Anyway, on the last day, there has been an earnest conversation surrounding Australia’s misogynistic nature of politics. A former liberal staffer named Brittany Higgins did an interview on The Project with Lisa Wilkinson regarding her rape at the hands of a then-upcoming politician in 2019.

It has never been a secret in any form of politics that it is very much a boy’s game. Australia has only ever had one female prime minister in Julia Gillard. Her predecessors and successors have all been male. While there are women, they are often pushed to the back of the room while the men take centre stage.

While women have become game-changers in their various political fields, there is still a severe problem with the men in the same areas. Brittany Higgins’ rape took place in Parliament House by a male colleague who was a favourite of the female minister she worked under as a media advisor.

Politicians are often very well-respected and are protected alongside their party colleagues if they are involved in illegal activity. In other words, they get away with it. When a person in Brittany’s position at the time claims to have been raped by someone with power, they are usually brushed off as if nothing has happened. This is disgusting behaviour.

People with power are not gods. Also, why would someone like Brittany remember every detail and lie? Yes, some will make up assaults to get attention. But, not everyone is like that.

Non-Politicians Don’t Matter

In her interview, Brittany said the female minister was apologetic but didn’t want to hear about the incident again because it made her [the minister] uncomfortable. She wasn’t a team player because she wanted to speak out about what happened to her.

Women are supposed to support each other. But unfortunately, all the female higher-ups mentioned in Brittany’s interview are cowards. They were too concerned with not just protecting the party’s interests but with keeping their own reputations intact.

For Brittany, she felt like she had picked between getting justice or her dream career. This should not have happened. Her alleged attacker – who has not been named in the interview – hasn’t been disciplined and is still working as if nothing has happened. This type of behaviour from someone this high up in the political food chain shows how cultish and misogynistic politics can be.

The last thing a politician needs is to be slandered in front of their entire party. Brittany’s experience is harrowing as she has been made to feel like her rape was her fault when it wasn’t. Her colleagues left her unsupported, who said they would support her. But instead, they pull all their energy into ensuring they won the election and not about a sexual assault survivor’s wellbeing.

Brittany Is A True Trooper

Despite her harrowing ordeal, which you can watch for yourself in the link, Brittany has shown to be strong. No person should be made to feel like they don’t matter when their more senior colleagues get off scot-free.

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister, has issued an apology, says, but it is two years too late. Also, he has been slammed, according to Pedestrian, for using his daughters to empathise with Brittany’s situation. The alleged rapist should be disciplined for what he did. But no. An unjust political system will forever protect his career.

This is the whole reason I hate politics. The system only ever caters for douchebag politicians who want power. I know that not all people in politics are terrible human beings, but abuse of power shows when no one is willing to defend a victim of a severe crime.

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