An Explainer For The US Version Of The Sitcom Ghosts


What would you do if you made the discovery that you could communicate with ghosts or the dead in general? Well, that’s what the sitcom, Ghosts explores. We’ve become obsessed! We’ve rewatched the released episodes several times. 

This post will be an explainer for anyone who wants to get in on the not-so-haunted fun.

Tell Us More About Ghosts!

Ghosts tells the story of Samantha who lives in New York with her husband Jay. When Sam inherits an old mansion from a dead relative, she decides to convert the house into a Bed and Breakfast.

Jay is somewhat against the idea. However, after Sam trips down the stairs, he changes his mind.

Sam, meanwhile, faces a battle of her own; she now sees the manor’s ghosts. Believing she’s crazy, she seeks help and learns that she’s not going mad.

The ghosts don’t want the house converted into the B&B. Sam puts them in their places and says she and her husband are the ones making the calls.

You Can’t Ignore The Ghosts As They Become Annoying After A While

After a while, the ghosts become annoying to the point Sam does everything in her power to ignore them. However, they drive her insane. Soon, the barrage of questions becomes too much and Sam has to tell them to stop.

Even after they reach a deal with Sam, the ghosts still become an annoyance with Pete, the scout leader who got shot in the neck with an arrow screaming in her ear at a dinner party. Trevor, a wall street trader who died without pants, constantly hits on her while the others have their own level of annoyance.

When The Dead Become Family

Sam eventually begins to develop a close bond with the ghosts much to the confusion of Jay, who can’t tell which being is in the room with them or not.

The ghosts come to see Sam and Jay as their own, and they often issue advice to Sam when she needs it. One example is when Flower, the hippie lady who died of a bear attack in the 1960s, tells Sam about the Farnsbys.

If the ghosts need advice, they will ask for it. One example is when Sasappis asks when Sam meets a female Lenape ghost and questions whether he knows her. However, instead of taking Sam’s advice, he takes Jay’s advice and asks him to help.

The whole show is touching and doesn’t overdo it with humour. It tells a story and uses humour to allow the audience to breathe between scenes. It is also incredibly light-hearted.

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