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5 Facts About The Harry Potter Iteration Of Merlin

Merlin, Harry Potter

Merlin might not appear physically in the Harry Potter books or the screen media, but there is some knowledge about this version of the character you might not have known about him.

This post about Merlin in Harry Potter will only use confirmed information. It will NOT include behind-the-scenes intel such as Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) appearing as a warlock in the Merlin television series.

Moreover, this post contains five facts about the Harry Potter iteration of Merlin.

1. Merlin Might Have Been One Of The First Students To Attend Hogwarts

It is unknown when Merlin was born, but his birth year is estimated to be 982 or some time later. He was among the earliest known students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded in 990 A.D. if the school’s Harry Potter Fandom page is correct and might have even been taught by the four founders themselves.

2. A Slytherin But A Good One

Merlin was sorted into Slytherin house upon his sorting upon his arrival at the school. His head of house would have been Salazar Slytherin. Despite the house’s reputation for producing dark wizards, as it would be known centuries later, Merlin was one of the good Slytherins to walk through Hogwarts’ halls.

3. A Myth Claims Wand Was Made With English Oak

This iteration of the famed wizard had a wand, as all magical characters do. Apparently, it was made from English oak. However, this could never be proven as his grave was never found. The rumour seems to imply that Merlin was buried with his wand like Albus Dumbledore was with the Elder Wand.

4. Merlin Studied The Cursed Vaults

As part of the mobile video game Hogwarts Mystery storyline, Merlin started to study the five secret rooms inside Hogwarts. Moreover, these rooms would later become known as The Cursed Vaults. There was a later painting painted and hung in Hogwarts that would warn future students about the rooms.

5. Gifted At Charms

In conclusion, one of Merlin’s most celebrated talents was his work in Charms, which was demonstrated when he served in King Arthur’s court.

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