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Who Is Kanan Jarrus In Star Wars?

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Star Wars is full of colourful and mysterious characters, but they don’t come as well-rounded as Kanan Jarrus. Like many in Star Wars, Kanan has gone under another name; Caleb Dume. But why was this? That’s why we’re here. In this post, we’re going to change it up.

Since we know much about Kanan under his most well-known alias, we will explore tiny parts of his past as Caleb Dume. We will only be exploring screen appearances and not the comics series Kanan. We’ll also discuss why he chose to change his name.

Editor’s Note: In this article, the character will be referred to by both of his names.

Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus – Jedi In Training

Born in 33BBY, Kanan was born Caleb Dume on Coruscant. He was taken on as an apprentice by Depa Billaba, who affectionately dubbed him “her young strategist.” Caleb would be taught Form III in lightsaber defence, which the Grand Inquisitor would mock years later as something he overcompensated when fighting.

He also inspired Obi-Wan Kenobi to reverse engineer the Jedi Temple beacon system to warn the Jedi to stay away from Coruscant for their safety. The original purpose of the beacon was to order Jedi to return to the temple.

In 19BBY, the final year of the Clone Wars, Caleb and Depa were on Kaller when they met the Bad Batch, a group of unique clones with special skills. However, the alliance was cut short when Order 66 was issued, and the Jedi’s clones started firing on them.

Depa told Caleb to run, a command that would haunt him for years.

Upon teaming up with Hera Syndulla, she would be the only person he trusted with his secret. He would later sire a son with her, Jacen. His death would also cause great trauma for her.

Why Did Caleb Change His Name?

Caleb went deep into hiding and decided the safest thing he could do was change his identity. He even swapped his lightsaber for a blaster. But, for many years until Ezra Bridger came on the scene, Kanan kept his identity with only Hera knowing the truth; it wasn’t until it was necessary, did he reveal his true identity.


The last thing Kanan wanted was to be a rebel. He had already fought one war with the Clone Wars. However, he knew how important the fight was for Hera and agreed to stick it out for her sake. This allowed him to recommend her for missions others wouldn’t take like going to Shantipole to talk to Quarrie about the B-Wing.

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