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What Were The Revanchists In Star Wars Legends?

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A topic we keep seeing in our topic queue on Ezoic is “Star Wars Revanchist”, so we wanted to highlight what the Revanchist was In Star Wars legends as it doesn’t exist in the more recent Star Wars canon. First, however, this is just a brief rundown of some of the events that the Revanchists were involved in.

So, what was the Revanchist?

According to its Wookieepedia page, the Revanchist was also known as the Jedi Crusaders. The group was a group of mutinous Jedi who fought with the Galactic Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. Founded by then-Jedi Revan, the group was to allow Revan to have a more potent role during the Mandalorian Neo-Crusade.

The group rebelled against the Jedi Council and went out into the Outer Rim scouting. Furthermore, the Jedi Council didn’t support the Revanchist group but did allow them, even if it was begrudgingly, to join forces with the Republic Military.

Malak – Co-Head Of The Revanchist

One of the Jedi who was involved with the Revanchist was Malak. He and Revan would win many battles. However, after the war ended, what remained of the Revanchists, descended to the Dark Side. This included Malak and Revan.

Revan and Malek went to war with the Jedi Council, followed by their most devoted followers. Some of the Jedi joined them, and it became known as the Jedi Civil War.

Malak became too powerful and ended up being defeated by Revan.

Revan, meanwhile, realised that the Dark Side was not what he wanted and decided to return to the Jedi Order. The Jedi Council agreed to take him back into their ranks. Finally, this prompted Malak’s Sith Empire to crumble upon its defeat.

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