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What Was The Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox About?

Flashpoint Paradox
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While visiting the grave of his mother, Nora Allen, the Flash, Barry Allen, becomes caught up in a fight with several villains at the Flash Museum. Professor Zoom taunts him as he and the Justice League leave the site. Little do they realise a flashpoint paradox is opened, and their lives are about to change.

Barry awakens the next morning to discover that his wife, Iris, is now married to someone else. Also, Nora is somehow alive. He is quick to learn that Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war but, at the same time, are lovers. Diana has Mera, the Queen of Atlantis, murdered by beheading her.

Elsewhere, Victor Stone/Cyborg attempts to devise a plan to take out Arthur and Diana to stop the war. His team attempt to recruit Batman, but he refuses to join the team. This ultimately leads the government to abandon the idea. Hal Jordan is then asked to use an alien craft to bomb Arthur’s territory.

Thomas Wayne Is The Batman

Visiting Wayne Manor in an attempt to get Batman to help him, Barry discovers that, thanks to the flashpoint paradox, Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman. Instead, his father, Thomas Wayne, is the Dark Knight. He learns that Bruce was killed that night in the alley, and Thomas and Martha survived. When he attempts to free his Flash suit from his ring, Barry discovers Zoom’s suit instead, leading him to work out who is responsible for the paradox.

After getting Thomas to help him, Barry attempts to get his powers back by getting recreating the accident that gave him his powers. However, it backfires, and Allen is horrifically burned.

The Murders Of Steve Trevor, Lex Luthor And Deathstroke

In London, Steve Trevor is murdered by Amazons after attempting to rescue Lois Lane. Then, Lex Luthor and Deathstroke are killed by Aquaman’s forces. Back at Wayne Manor, Barry is horrified when he realises his memories are rapidly changing due to the flashpoint paradox. He then gets Thomas to recreate the accident again, but this time, it succeeds.

Barry and Cyborg begin recruiting allies. Their first recruit is Superman, a United States prisoner, after his ship crashed in Metropolis. The memories change again, and Barry collapses and is taken to Billy Batson’s house. They learn that Hal’s attempt to bomb the Atleanian forces failed. Barry is able to get the heroes to go up against Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

The Shazam siblings transform into Captain Thunder to combat Wonder Woman. During the fight, Thomas is injured. Zoom then reveals that Barry is the reason for the timeline change. Since he rescued his mother, the new reality is the result. Wonder Woman then kills Captain Thunder.

Arriving Back

After being told to return to the past, Thomas tells Barry to run. Barry awakes at his desk. He pays a visit to his mother’s grave with Iris. Barry tells Bruce everything that happened. He then gives his friend a note that Thomas gave him. Bruce thanks him before Barry departs.

A post-credit scene reveals a Boom Tube opening to reveal the arrival of Parademons above Earth.

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