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There Allegedly Was No Relationship Between Jesse Baird And Beau Lamarre-Condon + The Bodies Have Been Found

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The Daily Mail reports that Jesse Baird did not enter a relationship with his alleged killer, Beau Lamarre-Condon. Corey-Dean Thorpe, an ex-partner of Jesse’s and a close friend after their split, said that Lamarre had strong romantic feelings for Baird, but they weren’t reciprocated.

Thorpe also revealed that Lamarre-Condon and Baird were once in a friends-with-benefits relationship and nothing more. It has emerged that Beau posted videos of himself and Jesse and framed it as if they were dating when they weren’t.

Jesse Baird’s Alleged Actual Relationship With Beau Lamarre-Condon

Corey also helped Jesse draft a text to Beau telling him [Beau] they couldn’t be friends anymore because he overstepped. Allegedly, the text ended up being a letter because Thorpe pointed out that Lamarre-Condon would show up at Baird’s doorstep.

Jesse Baird then told Beau that their friendly relationship was over, and he got a long text back in response. According to Corey, Baird and his partner, Luke Davies, had only been together for a couple of weeks, having gotten together in early February. This means that Luke was not yet in the picture when Jesse broke off his friendship with Lamarre-Condon.

Stalking Concerns And Where The Bodies Were Located

It is also alleged that Baird had had feelings of being stalked when he was followed home by a police car and had a figure hovering over his bed. His wallet and phone were also stolen. His phone remained missing, but someone found his wallet and returned it.

Lamarre-Condon has refrained from telling the Police anything about where the bodies were until Tuesday when he obtained new legal counsel. He then disclosed where the bodies of Luke and Jesse were hidden.

The bodies were found at the fence line of a second property in Bungonia, outside of Goulburn in New South Wales. The property is 20 minutes from where the search teams were looking.

The Baird family flew into Sydney to attend the crime scene. However, the Davies family has not attended the scene, and it is unclear if they will.

Finally, the bodies of the deceased have been moved to a morgue for post-mortem examinations.

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