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When Violence Isn’t Always Physical – When Women Emasculate Men

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There is no such thing as equality. That is how the world was created. While people should be treated the same, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, etc., life is exceedingly unfair to the nth degree. Women are often seen as the victims of life because they’re “weaker” and more “delicate” than men. But did you know that the female sex can emasculate their male counterparts?

In this article, we’ll discuss women who emasculate men and use real-life examples. We’ll also be using different stats where applicable from other countries.

Women Who See Men As Playthings

While some men are often said to be too controlling of the women in their lives, the same can be said for women with the men in their circle. The stereotype of “women can’t abuse men because they’re not strong enough to do so” is often used to excuse the behaviour.

Some women use men as stepping stones to advance themselves in society. We see this a lot in Hollywood and aristocratic society. To emasculate a man often means using them as illustrative play things.

Meghan Markle And Her Control Over Prince Harry

Believe it or not, some women are so against men having a voice that they rob them of their masculinity. We’ve seen this in the case of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. However, there is a better example than these two, as royal watchers have witnessed a massive decline in the once-beloved son of King Charles and Princess Diana’s mental health.

Harry has had mental health struggles since his mother died in 1997. He had gotten some help but turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. He cofound Heads Together with his brother William and sister-in-law, Catherine. Harry even credited William for getting him help. This was pre-marriage to Meghan.

Moreover, Harry now praises Meghan for everything, giving her credit for what William did for him. He is so enamoured with his wife that he cannot see he is being used. While Markle is not committing a crime, the “violence” she is enduring against her husband is psychological. She knows about his mother’s death and how he, as a 12-year-old boy, couldn’t save her from the “evil” press intrusion.

In the early days of their marriage, Meghan would cling to Harry with what Jesús Enrique Rosas, better known as the Body Language Guy, would call the Markle Claw.

Amber Heard And Her Control Over Johnny Depp

Before her relationship with beloved actor Johnny Depp, Amber Heard was on the same level of acting as Meghan Markle was when she was in Hollywood. No one knew who she was. She had minor roles here and there but nothing concrete until she was cast as Mera in Aquaman.

The DC Comics film was distributed by Warner Brothers, the same company distributing the Fantastic Beasts franchise, the sub-franchise of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter film franchise. One can only wonder if Johnny helped his then-lady love get the role. While we may never know the answer, there is one thing we know.

Johnny became emasculated during his relationship with Amber. If you Google “How Amber Heard Controlled Johnny Depp,” you get headlines about how Depp was the aggressor and not Heard.

Titles like this show how easily manipulated people can be to ignore what they don want to see. It also shows that in domestic violence cases, the woman is more likely to be believed than the man.

Women like Amber will use a man’s weakness against them. In Johnny’s case, it was his history with drugs and alcohol that she used to her advantage.


One in Three is an Australian organisation that specialises in researching female-on-male violence. According to their statistics, one in three victims of domestic and family violence is men, and one man is murdered in a domestic violence situation by a partner every eight days. This is comparable to similar stats in America, where one in four domestic violence victims are men, as per NCADV.

Men, much like the LGBTQ+ community, are underrepresented. This needs to change, not only in Australia and the United States but everywhere in the world too.

We’re bringing this up under Amber Heard because she is bisexual. Several years ago, long before Johnny and Amber ever crossed paths, Heard was accused by her female partner, Tasya van Ree, of abuse. The story resurfaced in Newsweek during the defamation lawsuit between the former actor couple.

Nicki Swift did a deep dive into Heard’s double life. They even questioned whether Amber was buying out entire secondhand stores as she had trouble in a 2013 interview trying to determine how far $2000 went in a month.

Let’s jump to Johnny for a second. He doesn’t have a history of domestic violence. The only partner he has had that came out against him was Ellen Barkin, who said it was “a world of violence” when they were together, as per 7News Australia. However, his other former partners, including Kate Moss, the mother of his two children, Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder, all said he was a gentleman.

Vanessa was with Depp for 14 years before their separation. Also, their daughter, Lily-Rose, would have said something if her dad had been violent towards her mother.

Jennifer Lopez Is Using Ben Affleck

It has long been rumoured that Jennifer Lopez, Jenny from the Block, is a massive diva. In August 2022, the Theresa Longo Fanpage wrote about why Bennifer broke up the first time, and it had to do with Affleck’s partying and alleged hookup at his first bachelor party.

Now that they’re back together, JLo has no time for his antics and won’t allow him to do anything without her consent. Also, she roped Ben’s mother into keeping him on track. The journalists in charge of the site also said that the singer was a vast “Bridezilla” across the three-day wedding weekend.

We trust the source as they have broken, Megxit and the birth of Kylie Jenner’s children.

While JLo’s obsessive antics are kept relatively under wraps, a video at the Grammys made people think all is not well in the Affleck marriage. Not to mention, Ben did not look well at that event either.

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In conclusion, men should not be forced to emasculate themselves to please women. They have a right to speak out about their own domestic violence situations without being ignored. One In Three also has an interesting graphic where a woman slaps a man with the caption, “A quarter of young people agree when a girl hits a guy, it’s not really a big deal.” Finally, a secondary caption says, “Hitting your boyfriend is wrong, its better to talk it out.”

Gendered violence is never okay. All laws should extend to all genders, regardless of the statistics. For example, if a female partner attacks a man, it must be addressed, not swept under the rug.

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