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The Forehead Vein – OPINION On What Is Going On

Forehead vein

Has Meghan Markle had botox? That seems the case, given how her forehead veins keep popping out. But she’s never had this issue before. So, I thought I would take a quick look at it. Usually, I wouldn’t say I like commenting on people’s appearances, but I felt this was important to highlight. This post was inspired by my dear friend, Sue Smith, on YouTube, who mentioned the forehead veins in a recent video.

So, where is the proof? Well, here you go.

The images vary with how exposed the forehead veins are, but it is more visible in the image on the bottom left. They’re also visible on the top went if you zoom in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find close-ups in Google images of the date night photos from the other day.

This has made me question whether Meghan has had botox or some filler in her face. Her forehead veins had never stuck out like this before. Also, she has one of those faces that keeps changing. So I did some snooping and found a forum called Real Self, where a botox patient said she had severe headaches and bulging forehead veins.

What Is With The Forehead Veins?

According to the linked forum post, it’s normal for forehead veins to show more. However, I’m not a cosmetic expert. Therefore, I don’t know whether the person who wrote the post was an expert or not. Sue mentioned in her video that the stress might be getting to her. This is one possibility, as Healthline says that stress can cause veins to protrude.

Whatever the case is, it’s not a good look on Meghan. It will cause people to speculate on whether she’s had cosmetic surgery. Though, do I believe this to be the case? Yes. Meghan’s nose changes so much that it’s impossible to know if it’s her original nose.

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