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Harry Needs A Medical Intervention, And The Children Need To Be Protected – OPINION

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I’m not sorry for the opinion I will throw into the universe. Prince Harry needs an urgent medical intervention. His children, Archie and Lili, must be protected from him and his drug use. Unfortunately, he believes taking psychedelic drugs is okay and encourages people to take them too.

He is a lost soul who thinks drugs are the answer to everything. I’ve said this before, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Meghan used Harry’s drug use as an excuse to get custody of Archie and Lili in a divorce. Drugs affect everyone differently, but Harry is being selfish. He is only thinking about his unresolved trauma of losing his mother.

Every child copes with loss differently, and Harry has never dealt with Diana’s death correctly. He said himself in 2017, during a conversation with William and Catherine, that he never thought talking about his mother’s death was worth it as it wouldn’t bring her back. Here’s some of that discussion from the Heads Together YouTube channel.

There is a stark difference between William and Harry when dealing with their mother’s death. William spoke to people close to Diana and understood who she was. Harry, however, never dealt with the loss. He has said in recent years that he took drugs and drank to cope; he also claims to have undergone therapy. I think he did some proper treatment but felt it wasn’t working, so he turned to the hippy, yes-people therapists that Meghan recommended.

Drugs Are NOT Normal For A “Healthy” Person

Harry has claimed that taking drugs has “opened his eyes to the truth.” What truth? Oh, right. His wife’s reality is that his family and everyone that doesn’t believe what they do are toxic. After all, she claimed during the Netflix show that she was “scared” that Archie and Lili weren’t safe because things were being printed about her. Woman! You live in a high fence, a heavily fortified house where guests must go through checkpoints.

Archie and Lili are going to grow up thinking that drug taking is standard and that living in a house with multiple checkpoints to get up to the house is something everyone has. They’re living a rich kid’s life. If they want pointers, they can ask Olivia Jade, who lived in a privileged bubble until her parents were busted for spending $500k to get her and her sister into USC.

Harry has screamed multiple times that he lived in a bubble as a royal. So, what does he think he’s subjecting his children too? That makes me wonder if their father hides his drug stash from the kids. We know that Doria, Meghan’s mother, is known to take drugs. Tom Bower made this accusation in his book, Revenge.

Children And Drugs Don’t Mix

Any sane person should know that children and drugs are not a good combination. Someone needs to do a welfare check on Archie and Lili and question the adults around them. Harry is not in his right mind, and Meghan’s determination to keep him that way is concerning. The Netflix series shows them sitting on a couch, and so-called “therapist” tells them over the phone during their meditation session that “they are not what the media says they are.”

I do not believe this was a proper therapist and that an actor or friend was hired as the hippy shrink. I’m sorry if this post offended anyone. I’m saying my piece. The royal family has every right to be upset and worried. Harry and Meghan made the Queen and Prince Philip’s final years miserable. They died thinking their grandson thought they were racist.

Prince Philip never got to see Lili. Whether The Queen did is anyone’s guess.

Moreover, Archie and Lili miss out on their cousins’ perks. One day, they will grow to resent their parents. Before, someone comments, but they’re like Peter and Zara Phillps, who have no titles; sorry, but you’re wrong. The Phillips siblings might not have titles, but they were not deprived of time with their relatives.

No Titles By Choice

Princess Anne chose not to give Peter and Zara titles as she didn’t want them to have the pressures of being royals. Also, as the children of a British princess, they were not eligible to have titles. However, their grandmother would’ve made an exception for them.

Charles and Anne got titles because they were heirs to the throne at the time of their births. Andrew and Edward got titles because when they were born, they were born to the monarch.

Going back to Lili and Archie, I would look at Harry’s drug-taking and research his abnormal actions if I were those children’s future selves. Moreover, there is so much damage that could’ve been avoided.

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