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What Is Happening With The Harry Walker Agency Situation?

When it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we’ve learned to accept that they’re in the media almost every day. For example, in June 2020, reports emerged that the infamous pair had signed a deal to do speeches via the Harry Walker Agency, as Lisa Winerich reported for Reuters. But that’s where our problem comes into play.

A while ago, we had a snoop on the Harry Walker website. The Sussexes weren’t listed. So we went back recently to see if they were on there. It didn’t matter if we typed in; “Duke and Duchess of Sussex” or “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”. Nothing came up.

We decided to dig through the Wayback Machine. However, the closest date we could access to June 2020 was August of the same year. The couple was not on the main page at that time.

Around the time the Sussexes had signed up, Venus and Serena had joined the agency, and so had A-Rod.

If this were any other couple, we’d consider that they’d want privacy by not having their pictures on the Harry Walker website. But, this is the Sussexes we’re talking about here. Harry and Meghan scream they want to be left alone, but they haven’t shown the world the same courtesy since they announced their departure from royal life.

The agency hasn’t put out a statement to confirm or deny the stories to our knowledge. What’s more, the stories could’ve been puff pieces to see how people would feel about it. Even journalists at various newspapers and online publications got in on it. However, as Joe Calleri pointed out on Twitter in September 2020, Harry and Meghan don’t appear on the Harry Walker Agency website. We’ve got the screenshots to prove the search results:

Harry Walker Agency Don’t Want Association?

We’ve been digging around Twitter and the Wayback Machine, and we cannot find any trace of Harry and Meghan’s deal with the Harry Walker Agency outside of the stories that were put out. However, a user on Twitter going under the name Praetorian Guard and is likely a Sugar commented that the “questionnaire” that the Sussexes were given to issue their demands is standard as apparently, the agency put out a statement claiming this after the Telegraph article explaining what they wanted when speaking.

The only article we could find was by Simon Perry, who writes for People magazine. We’re not criticising the writer, but People magazine is a very pro-Sussex outlet. A source we cannot name told us a while ago that the Sussexes have friends at the publication.

It could be possible that the Harry Walker Agency didn’t comment on it outside of the People article because they don’t want to rock the boat. They have a big reputation to uphold, and the last thing they’d want is someone ruining it.

The Harry Walker Agency has existed since the 1940s and pre-dates the Sussexes. The higher-ups aren’t stupid. They can see that Harry and Meghan don’t have any class or talent of any description. However, they knew they couldn’t sit back and say nothing and that if they made a short statement, people wouldn’t complain as much.

Perhaps they realised that Harry and Meghan were not the people they said they were. But, let’s not forget that the agency caters for the elite. We’re talking about some of the world’s most famous people who have done well. We doubt they would associate themselves with a couple who want a $1 million per speech and total control.

Total Control Isn’t Something The Agency Would Agree On

To end this post, we wanted to conclude with a question. Why join an agency if you want total control over what you say? According to Erin Vanderhoof for Vanity Fair, back in September 2020, the Sussexes gave the Harry Walker Agency, a bunch of demands for how they conduct their speeches. The VF article is a carbon copy of what People magazine wrote about how the Telegraph was saying something that wasn’t true.

The Vanity Fair article says that people who want the Sussexes to speak for them need to pay $1 million and give them information on all the sponsors at the event, according to Imogen Braddick of the Evening Standard. However, we’ve heard that this backfired, and after that, they were forced to alter the deal with a lower rate. Since they don’t appear on the website, something tells us that the deal fell through.

As we mentioned earlier in the post, there is no way that Harry and Meghan wouldn’t dare deny being on the website of a prestigious speaking agency. They’re two-bit narcissists who love the spotlight. There is no denying they think the world is as dumb as bricks.

What’s more, the agency would’ve been the ones to get the pair gigs. Whereas no one would want a bar of them otherwise. However, we need to address the possibility that the Harry Walker deal was never a done deal, but it was made out to be to make them seem like legitimate A-listers.

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