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Why Has Hamas Gone After Israel?

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Hamas hates Israel. The question a lot of people have asked is why? Why does the terrorist organisation want to kill innocent people? That’s what we’re here to talk about. The conflict, or rather, war, started on October 7 in a coordinated attack by Hamas on Israel.

3000 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip, which Hamas controls against Israel. 1400 Israeli citizens died in the attack, including 260 people being massacred at a music festival. Many surviving festival goers, including women and children, were captured.

According to Al Jazeera, the planning for the attack took several months to two years by the leaders of Hamas. Allegedly, the attack by Hamas was a surprise to Israel.

Why Did Hamas Attack Israel?

The aforementioned Al Jazeera article mentions there are three factors behind the attack. Number one is that the far-right Israeli government is allowing violence against Palestinians. The second is Hamas felt it was their job to act as the Arab-Israeli normalisation had accelerated. Finally, Hamas wanted to repair its damaged connection to Iran.

Iran has denied involvement in Hamas’ attacks but has said they support it. There is also no endgame that anyone can see regarding whether Hamas has a long-term plan against Israel.

Finally, Israel has declared war against Hamas and has done its fair share of fighting. CNN has reported that Hamas has kidnapped Israeli people before, but never dozens simultaneously. Moreover, Hamas is also executing people, including babies.

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