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Greek Mythology Books For Young Adults

Greek Mythology Young Adult

We’ve just covered Greek Mythology books for adults, so now we’re doing a follow-up for young adults.

There are so many Greek Mythology books for Young Adults, and we’ve read some of the ones we’re listing here.  We’ll be going over a few of these as there are so many. Most of them are recent novels, though some are much older, but still worth the mention.

Rick Riordan

One of our favourite Greek Mythology authors is Rick Riordan, who wrote Percy Jackson. He has written a ton of books in the Percy Jackson universe. He’s also crossed it with The Kane Chronicles, based on Egyptian Mythology.

So, we’re not going to list all of the books here, because there are so many, but what we will do so is post a Goodreads list. If the list we’ve linked is correct, there are now 30 books in the universe. there is likely to be older over time.

Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken has written many books on a vast array of subjects, including Star Wars and, of course, Greek Mythology.  She has written one book called Lore.

Kika Hatzopoulou

Kika Hatzopoulou has written two Greek Mythology books for Young Adults and these are:

  • Threads That Bind
  • Hearts That Cut

Aimee Carter

Aimee Carter makes this list as she wrote a fantastic series about a decade ago called The Goddess Test, a retelling of Hades and Persephone. These books include:

  • The Goddess Test
  • The Goddess Hunt
  • Goddess Interrupted
  • The Goddess Legacy
  • The Goddess Inheritance

Josephine Angelini

Another older Greek Mythology author is Josephine Angelini. She wrote the Starcrossed series.

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