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Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison

sentenced to 23 years

Get out the funeral pyres because it’s time to celebrate! Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison.

How the mighty have fallen. Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein is now a resident of the prison on Riker’s Island. He’s been sentenced to 23 years after being found guilty of sexual misconduct of two women.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Weinstein was told by Judge Burke that he is now a registered sex offender. To add to the media mogul’s inflated ego, his lawyer, Donna Rotunno has called the sentence “obscene”. Meanwhile, another of his attorneys, Artidala said their client “wasn’t treated fair at all.” Thank god Gigi Hadid had to jump ship as a juror.

“A Long List Of Illnesses.”

We’ve previously written on the Weinstein trial about the verdict, and we’re appalled by the views of one Donna Rotunno. She sees herself as a feminist when she clearly isn’t. A feminist is someone who advocates for women’s rights. This woman who has made her career about defending men who have been accused of sexual misconduct, thinks all ninety women that have come forward are lying.

What makes this horrifying to even consider, is the idea of a female defence attorney calling her fellow women liars. Her client got sentenced to 23 years behind bars. She lost her case.

In actual fact, just because she has never been forced to have sex with a powerful man doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to the women who came forward! Who does Donna Rotunno think she is? God’s chosen woman? She doesn’t see the bigger picture. However, this is a crime that Harvey Weinstein, who happens to have a load of contacts happened to commit. The man is a filthy animal who should’ve received a life sentence for every woman he terrorised.

A Guilty Man

Harvey Weinstein thought he’d get away with assaulting women who were only trying to get into Hollywood. Furthermore, he forgot that once upon a time, he too was a newbie to the glitz and glamour. Therefore, he took advantage of innocent people and considered himself invincible because he is ‘respected’. This is not a man but a monster hiding in the shadows.

Even his own brother, Bob has coming out saying he needs help. Though, even he needs the same treatment to his brother . He too has been accused of sexual assault. Putting that aside, he’s right. Harvey needs serious help and prison is the best place for him. Therefore, his victims have the peace of mind they deserve. Meanwhile, Rotunno should feel some ounce of sympathy for them. Shouldn’t women support their fellow women?

While Rotonno might have a law degree and be good at her job, she is not a true feminist. In conclusion, if she is standing up for a man who has been sentenced to 23 years in prison.

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