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What Are Tribbles In Star Trek?

Tribbles, Star Trek

Tribbles are a well-known species in Star Trek. But they’re not as well-documented as Vulcans or Romulans. Tribbles are puffs of fur that do nothing but breed and eat, despite not having teeth. But, of course, those were Worf’s words, not ours. They have a calming effect on the human nervous system when they purr when patted.

The furry fuzzballs are not intelligent, and they’re basically beyond useless. Let’s think of them being dumb versions of rabbits, well-known for constantly being breeders. Though, some eateries did use tribbles as human food.

Apparently, humans and tribbles first encountered each other in the 2150s, during the time of the NX-01 Enterprise, piloted by Captain Jonathan Archer.

Tribbles Upon Bred Slower

There was even a time when Tribbles bred slowly. However, Starfleet officer Edward Larkin, who served onboard the USS Cabot, went against advice and used human DNA, which was his own, to make the Tribbles bred faster. The experiment worked, but it ended up destroying the ship. The Tribbles were then dumped and somehow ended up in Klingon Space.

Nyota Uhura was given a Tribble, which she took onboard the USS Enterprise, but it bred, and by the sounds of it, it happened quickly. Though it did help in stopping a Klingon plan from being successful. Finally, only three Tribbles could be kept on a ship at any one time, as it was evident how fast it could breed during this time.

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