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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Blames Paris For Her Issues, Brooke Blasts Steffy, Thomas Tells Liam Off And Steffy Tells Ridge Everything

Let’s say yesterday was the mother of all blasts. A lot of stuff has done in today’s episode and it wasn’t as terrible as we thought…

Zoe is the Queen of Blasts. She has criticised sister Paris for something she herself has done… okay… She does realise that she was the one flirting with Zende and telling him that they should be together… doesn’t she? Also, Ridge was the one who busted her. Not her little sister!

Meanwhile, we have Brooke over at Hope’s saying now Steffy took advantage of the situation with Liam. Ah… yeah, she kinda did by not telling him to go back to his wife, but he is just as guilty as she is. He was the one that went to her house WITHOUT confronting Thomas and ‘Hope’ and ended up in bed with her.

Elsewhere, Steffy tells her father about her night with Liam, that’s she pregnant and that he might be the daddy. Ridge doesn’t seem at all surprised.

Finally, Liam goes up to Brooke’s house looking for Beth’s doll that she’s misplaced. Thomas walks in and they strike up a conversation. As a side note, they don’t end up getting into a fight. Though, the fashion designer blasts his rival for hurting his wife for not getting the facts before he threw himself at Steffy.

Thomas admits that his sister’s one weakness is Liam and it always has been. This was actually really nice to see that he’s not backing Steffy, but he’s also not abusing her ex-husband either.

The Queen Of Blasts – Zoe Has No Right To Criticise Paris

Zoe blasts Paris and is a real bitch to her. First off, her sister didn’t tell Ridge anything. Can’t she get that through her thick head? Then she goes on about how she actually ‘cares’ about Carter and how he wants to end things. Okay, that is where we beg to differ.

Secondly, Zoe bought this whole thing on herself. Paris had nothing to do with it. She could have said something bur she chose to stay out of it. The model is too much of a narcissist to realise the world doesn’t revolve around her. Sending out blasts against her sister is not the answer.

Thirdly, is Zoe really feigning innocence when the co-CEO of Forrester Creations who happens to be Zende’s uncle caught her professing her love for the designer in the living room of the Forrester Mansion. Then yesterday, Carter blasts her for using him to get to his best friend’s nephew.

Ah… that is exactly what Zoe was doing. She was using Carter to get the guy she actually wants; Zende. He turned her down and now she jumps back to her fiancée like nothing happened. Sorry, love but you’re not Forrester material.

The bit really takes the cake is the whole piece of shit where Zoe basically screams at Paris because people are now looking at her like they did when she was discovered to have been involved in the Baby Beth situation. So she should! She was cracking onto another guy. She has clearly no respect for anyone, especially the man she is meant to be deeply in love with.

Paris is not at fault here.

Should Brooke Really Be Calling Out Steffy?

Now, we understand where Brooke is coming from. However, should she really be criticising her stepdaughter? It’s evident that Steffy’s main weakness is Liam and that has never changed. The Forrester matriarch claims that she knows what her son-in-law did was wrong, but she’s pushing all the blame onto her husband’s daughter.

Honestly, we think she shouldn’t be throwing blasts at Steffy because while she did fall into bed with Liam, it is primarily his fault he went to her house to begin with. He didn’t use his brain when he saw Thomas making out with the Hope mannequin. His tiny mind just assumed his wife was kissing his arch nemesis.

He instantly lost faith in his wife because of something he should have looked into first. Finn has already thrown barbs at him for this. So has Hope and now Thomas has too. He knows there is only so many apologies he can give for his affair but he claims he has changed… that was absolutely LAUGHABLE! Seriously?! Liam Spencer a new man? Spare us the pain!

Going back to Brooke, it’s stupid that she would blame Steffy for something Liam started. Does she think he is smart enough to not cheat on her daughter for the millionth time with his ex-wife of all people?

Liam And Thomas Don’t Get Into A Physical Fight… That’s Nice… We Think…

Blasts don’t normally get as big as they do with Liam and Thomas. Usually, these two are throwing barbs at each other because they totally hate each other with pure passion.

Thomas hates how Liam jumps between Steffy and Hope and claims to love them both and blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, Liam cannot stand Thomas for using Douglas, being obsessed with Hope to the point he plotted to keep Beth a secret so he could marry her. The list just goes on to the point of total insanity.

However, we’ve come to… appreciate Thomas since he’s had his brain surgery. He’s become wise and this is something we’re actually happy to see and to call Liam out in a way that wasn’t aggressive is really gratifying to see.

Ridge Is Not Surprised?

Finally, we get to Ridge who is not at all surprised that Steffy is embroiled in yet another paternity scandal. However, he is supportive as any father should be of their child. He approves of the way she is going to handle the situation if Liam is her baby’s dad which we all know it will be.

While Ridge is happy that he is going to have another grandchild, is he really prepared to face Brooke’s wrath at the idea of Steffy having yet another advantage over Hope to have Liam?

He has never been shy about how he wants Steffy and Liam together to raise Kelly. This has never gone down well with Brooke who believes Bill’s son should be with her daughter. Also, this always caused conflict with the couple to the point that it has lead to them interfering.

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