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Ahsoka FINALE – What An Ending, But Is It Really The End?

Ahsoka finale
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The Ahsoka finale is here, but we have one question: is this really the end of the journey? That’s what we’re here to talk about in this review. We have to say that we have mixed feelings about the ending. Why did Ahsoka and Sabine have to be stranded on Perida? They could have found a way back. If this were the end of their story, there would have been more of a happy ending. Also, the events in this review are out of order.

Don’t get us wrong. We love what was done with the story, but it doesn’t feel as complete as it should have been. Also, where was Jacen in that last scene with Hera and Ezra? Sabine never mentioned (as far as we know) Spectre-7. It would have been so nice if the Ahsoka finale had addressed this. If we get more of Ezra and Hera’s reunion, we might get an introduction between the long talked about “bokken Jedi” and Hera and Kanan’s little boy.

Thrawn’s Goons

We learn what cargo Thrawn’s goons were putting on the ship. They were corpses that the Great Mothers would (eventually) reanimate. We got a look at this with Ahsoka, Ezra and Sabine’s fight with the Night troopers. The troops are taken down and then reanimated by the Nightsisters. Think of what the Nightsisters did during the Clone Wars and the Nightsister Zombies seen in Jedi: Fallen Order.

Also, the stuff with Morgan Elsbeth and her death is crazy. She was used as a sacficial lamb for Thrawn and the Nightsisters.

The Kanan Conversation

What was interesting was the conversation in the Ahsoka finale between Ezra and Huyang. Huyang reveals a bit more about Kanan (also referring to the fallen Jedi as Caleb) as a child when he was building his lightsaber, which Ezra pays homage to when he constructs a new lightsaber, his third.

Huyang reveals that Caleb was a shy child, which is hard to imagine, given how outgoing we know Kanan was during his adult years. However, the bickering between Huyang and Ezra was reminiscent of early Rebels, where Bridger would fight with Zeb and Chopper to the point it bugs Hera.

When Sabine pokes her head in to see what they’re up to, the mention of Kanan makes the humans rather sad. They miss him greatly as he was like a father figure to them. We get confirmation from Huyang that Sabine’s family was killed on Mandalore. Moreover, this explains why Clan Wren was not present in Mando Season 3’s premiere or finale when the clans were gathered. So, Baylan is telling the truth when talking to Sabine about it.

The Last Appearance Of Ray Stevenson

Speaking of Baylan (and Shin), we get the late Ray Stevenson’s final appearance. If Ahsoka is picked up for a second season, and they include Baylan, they will need to recast the role with someone else. Or write the character out. The Percy Jackson series will face a similar situation with the death of Lance Reddick. However, it would be hard to do so since they set up the character doing something (potentially) with the Mortis Gods as we see him standing (with no dialogue) on the stone head of the Father. Shin, meanwhile, is looking for a new home.

Where Ahsoka And Sabine’s Story Goes From Here

It’s hard to tell where Ahsoka and Sabine’s story goes from here. But knowing how Dave Filoni’s mind operates, this is not the end for them. We have Filoni’s movie too. This is where everything from all the shows tied to the Mandoverse leads to something larger.

Finally, seeing Anakin watching Ahsoka and Sabine as he did with Luke and Leia on Endor is nice. It also demonstrates that Ahsoka was right when she told Sabine that Anakin always supported her despite the odds.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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