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5 Times Chopper Made Us Want To Cringe

Chopper, cringe

Let it be known we love C1-10P, better known his friends as Chopper or Chop. With Chopper being the guardian droid of Jacen Syndulla, we thought we’d have some fun and name five times the little war criminal. has committed… well, a war crime and made us cringe.

These crimes will be mainly from Star Wars Rebels, as we don’t see Chopper often in Ahsoka as he is on Jacen Watch often.

1. Chopper Pushes Droids To Their Deaths

If there’s one thing Chopper loves doing, it’s pushing other droids to their demise or almost demises. This is totally cringe because he’s supposed to be a rebel, yet he takes joy in trying to kill his rivals.

2. Pissing Off Zeb and Ezra

Star Wars Rebels Season 1 gave us plenty of cringe when it came to Chop’s antics. He was well-known for pissing off Zeb and Ezra, something they found common ground on. From zapping his crewmates to pulling pranks on them (with Sabine’s blessing), if there’s a surefire to annoy them, he’ll find it.

3. Wanting to Kill Babies To Avoid A Surge Of New Inquisitors

Okay, this one shouldn’t be all that funny because of how serious it is, but we can’t help but laugh. So, during Rebels Season 2, the two new Inquisitors are trying to hunt down Force Sensitive children. When the Ghost crew get wind of the information, they and Ahsoka search for the babies.

Chopper manages to find one of them and wants to kill it. Zeb tells him he can’t murder the baby to avoid the baby becoming an inquisitor. Chop complains that Orrelios is running his sun.

4. Getting Jacen Into Trouble

During episode three of Ahsoka, Chancellor Mon Mothma inquires about Jacen’s whereabouts. Hera tells her he is on board, but she’s unsure where. Mon fondly says, “Getting into trouble with Chopper, no doubt.” This indicates that Chopper is usually the ringleader regarding his exploits with his ward.

5. Blowing Up Enemy Ships With Thousands Of People Onboard

Our final cringe with Chopper is his love of blowing up enemy ships with thousands of people onboard. This is the whole reason why his kill count is so high. While he did it for the right reasons, it’s still pretty sadistic as he enjoys doing it.

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