Roy Harper

Move over Justice League because the sidekicks are taking over. Young Justice takes a deeper look at the sidekicks of DC Comics’s superheroes and gives them a purpose.

During the first season, Dick Grayson, Kaldur, Wally West, and Superboy form The Team after they get criticised. They are joined by Miss Martian and Artemis later in the Season. Relationships are forged throughout the Season.

Season 2 of Young Justice picks up five years after Season 1. Dick is now Nightwing, Superboy and Miss Martian broke up, Aqualad is undercover and Wally and Artemis have left the team. They’re joined by new players including Tim Drake’s Robin, Cassie Sandsmark’s Wonder Girl and more.

Season 3 picks up two years after Wally’s death in Season 2 and our favourite sidekicks have Miss Martian as their leader. Dick is working with a new group, Artemis still grieves Wally’s loss and Miss Martian and Superboy are back on! Meanwhile, Kaldur has replaced King Orin (Arthur Curry) as Aquaman is now the leader of the Justice League alongside Wonder Woman.

There’s so many fun things to explore in a show like Young Justice. It’s not just for kids. There are plenty of nods in there for adult viewers too so don’t push the show aside because it’s animated. From alien invasions to metahuman trafficking, the series has something for everyone young and old.

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