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Why Henry Cavill Never Felt Right As Superman – OPINION

Henry Cavill, Superman

Henry Cavill is NOT our Superman. The Synder Cult will have you believe that Cavill’s Supes was the best Man of Steel ever.

But the truth is Henry Cavill is a great actor, but not as Superman. He had more emotion as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes than he does as Kal-El. I don’t care what the Snyder cult says. The performance is anything but Oscar-worthy; it’s cringy and wooden.

If you want a great live-action Superman, look no further than Brandon Routh, Tyler Hoechlin, Tom Welling, or even Dean Cain. Or better yet, what about the late great Christopher Reeve or the OG Superman, George Reeves?

Henry Cavill doesn’t do it for me, I’m sorry. Though, I will admit that he does look the part. However, just because he looks like Superman doesn’t mean he could play the role, and he couldn’t. Tyler Hoechlin displays more emotion in Superman & Lois than Henry did in his three or four big screen appearances.

The Cavill Superman was more robotic. He rarely smiled and stood out like a sore thumb every time he appeared on screen. Even the animated versions of Superman had more emotion.

To end this post, I have to say one thing. I do not dislike Henry Cavill. He’s a decent actor, but he’s better off as James Bond or a villain of some description. I also do not care that Zack Synder is responsible. I have never been a fan of his, and in my honest opinion, he should’ve stayed well away from any form of comic adaptation after he butchered 300.

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