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UPDATE On The Reopening Of The Canberra Zoo Where Murder Took Place – What Happened At Jamala Wildlife Lodge?

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There has been a bit of an update on the reopening of the Canberra Zoo (the National Zoo and Aquarium), which was caught up in a murder. Sky News Australia reported on December 20 that the Zoo has reopened. However, the Jamala Wildlife Lodge, where the murder occurred, will remain closed until December 30 at the latest.

The reason for this has to do with staff availability. Also, the staff who work at the Jamala Wildlife Lodge, where the murder took place, are grieving the loss of their coworker and the arrest of a sous chef who has been charged with the woman’s murder.

The National Zoo and Aquarium staff have been given the option of whether they want to work. The Canberra Zoo will be closed on Christmas Day.

The suspect has pleaded not guilty at a bedside hearing. He is the only suspect in the case, as he was found at the crime scene with self-inflicted wounds. The murder weapon was found close by. Moreover, the family of the victim was informed of the death on the day the crime happened. The Bhutanese embassy confirmed the victim was a Bhutanese national.

An autopsy will need to be performed to confirm that the victim did die of stab wounds.

The motive as to why the 29-year-old woman was killed is still unclear. Finally, the suspect will make his first court appearance in April 2024. Finally, he has been refused bail and did not apply for bail.

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