Prince Harry And The String Of Double Standards


Who does Prince Harry think he is? He has exposed himself for being the hypocrite he truly is. His string of double standards are obvious.

Prince Harry has a string of double standards when it comes to what he and wife Meghan can do while they criticise the world for not listening to them about important issues like climate change. There is a reason why the world isn’t heeding their words. They’re jumping on every cause that they know will get them even the smallest amount of attention.

The royal was called out in an article by for being a hypocrite. Harry, known by his wife as simply H, has sprouted double standards from basically the minute he and Megsy started doing video interviews from Tyler Perry’s mansion and then their Santa Barbara home.

What’s more is these two people are barely a couple. They preach to the world about being kind to others when they’re feuding with the royal family because… why exactly? Oh, right. Because they’re spoilt and thought they were the faces of the monarchy. When they were denied, they were like, “Nah. We’re not putting up with this so we’re going leaving the Firm.”

We need to put into consideration that the string of double standards Harry and Meghan throw out there is because they should be on the throne, not William and Catherine. However, this would be more Markle’s agenda rather than her husband.

We’re not saying that Meghan is power-hungry but before she even arrived on the scene, Harry had no interest in being king. Since he and Markle got together, he has come to see himself as more important. In other words, he’s suddenly jealous of his brother having more responsibly than him. It’s just nauseating to see that the fun Wales brother become self-important because of what his wife whispers in his ear.

The ‘Crushing’ Blow At The Commonwealth Service

We’ve spoken about how Meghan does not fit into the British Royal family. Though, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Meghan is no doubt the one in charge of the relationship. If she wants something, she’ll demand to have it and Harry just falls for it every time to avoid her wrath.

While we hate speculating on anyone’s private life, something tells us that Meghan’s desire to be the ‘most famous person in the world’ is weighing on Harry. Yes, they are both seeking out the limelight, but the prince cannot stop his wife from doing, well, anything.

Meghan should be aware of all the times Harry has said that his trauma of camera flashes takes him back to the night his mother died in Paris. She is using his fear as blackmail? We’re just making observations that people tend to miss.

The image above is from the Sussexes’ final royal engagement before they left the UK bound for Canada where Archie was allegedly with the Malroneys. As you can see, Meghan has a leech-like smile on her face while Harry’s face looks as red as Catherine’s coat dress. He also looks incredibly mad. The rumour is that the Duke of Sussex was upset over he and his darling wife being left out of the procession.

Now, we all know the reason for this. Since this was the couple’s last engagement as ‘senior royals’, they were not included. To make the blow of being in the procession less than what it apparently was, William and Catherine allegedly didn’t walk in the procession. Basically, if you think about it, Harry was being a sore loser and making a fuss over something that wasn’t that important for someone in his position.

Harry’s Hatred Of The Media

Does Harry really hate the media as much as he says he does? This within itself is a part of the string of double standards the prince appears to have. It’s beginning to grind our gears as the type of man he has become. Yes, we get that he is no longer the 12-year-old boy who walked with his father, grandfather, brother, and uncle behind Princess Diana’s coffin.

He has claimed to hate the media for the role they played in his mother’s death. We understand it was traumatic for him to lose Diana at such a young age, but this is the card he plays every single time he says, ‘My wife and I want privacy.’

How is he getting privacy when he and Meghan are photographed in public by a professional photographer? Also, if we had a problem with the press, we wouldn’t have photos professionally taken. Yes, we believe the press had a lot to answer for the night Diana died. But she was one of the most photographed people in the world. If she were alive today, she probably still would be.

Though, does Harry think about what his mother would want for him? Would she want him to hate the press for what they did that night? Probably not. Diana was a woman who was renowned for her willingness to look past the bad things for the sake of her boys. She wanted them to grow up as normally as possible.

When Harry uses his mother’s death as a shield, it only makes us annoyed. Yes, what happened to Diana was terrible. No child should have to lose a parent in a car accident caused by the paparazzi. However, he needs to pull up his big boy pants and realise that not the media is bad.

The Climate Change Debacle

Now, when you’re a royal, you travel a lot. In recent years, both of Prince Charles’ sons have been called out for taking private jets. Harry has taken most of the brunt of this. Why? He and Meghan keep preaching to people to lower the world’s carbon footprint, but they keep making the same mistake.

It was reported by the publication, Independent in 2019 that the couple travelled to Nice for a holiday, with a little help from longtime friend of the late Princess of Wales, Elton John. In the span of just eleven days, the Sussexes, which included then-newborn Archie took four private jet trips. This is what drew the criticism of the couple.

In the time since, they have preached to the world that we need to lower the carbon footprint in order to save the planet. Well, no freaking duh! We do not need two woke individuals who wanted to make millions of the term ‘royal’ telling us how to protect the environment. Also, why would we listen to them when they’re preaching what they don’t actually do themselves?

This goes back to what the article was talking about. Harry is saying things that is openly hypocritical of him. He thinks that because he is a ‘royal’, the rules do not apply to him – sound familiar? – but they do to everyone else.

It should also be noted that Harry and Meghan also took ‘gas guzzling’ cars too, according to Soap Opera Spy. If they want to be pioneers, they need to stop their woke behaviour. Since they’re now ‘financially independent, the Sussexes think that they’re better than everyone else because they have titles.

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