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Ridge And Bill Are In League… To Get Rid Of Sheila!

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Oh, god! Who would have thought that Ridge Forrester and “Dollar” Bill Spencer would team up for a noble cause? Not us, so you can imagine our shock when we read the episode breakdown on Soap Hub for Thursday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode. It was Wednesday in the U.S., and two days were pre-empted due to college basketball.

A tweet from supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk came to mind after watching the episode play out. It said to look out for the cliffhanger, and boy was he right. Never in a million years would Bill and Ridge working together be seen as refreshing. Here, however, it works remarkably well. Also, it was unexpected.

Ridge has been out of the picture for a while, though he has been referenced numerous times. Moreover, having him behind a secret plan to get Sheila back into prison was a smart move by the writers. This was not something we saw coming. Like everyone else on the show, we thought Bill had fallen into a deep depression where he wasn’t thinking straight.

Plenty Of Signs That Bill Is Off His Rocker

There were plenty of signs that things weren’t right. Even Bill’s two eldest sons, Liam and Wyatt, are concerned. However, the flickering of Bill’s lights in the final episode last week seemed to tip Sheila off to something being off.

She has enjoyed her freedom a little too much. Sheila is having an “affair” with Deacon Sharpe, as she finds Bill too clingy. Though he is the reason she is even free, to begin with, there’s that. However, even he has his limits. As displayed in the most recent episode, he is disgusted with Sheila and always has been.

Wyatt and Liam have been worried sick about their dad, and so has Katie. Also, Steffy has been fearful that Bill will turn her mother in to the police for shooting him. Little does anyone realise they don’t need to worry because he won’t do it.

Sheila is more of a danger to them than Taylor ever was. Also, Bill understands why Taylor did what she did.

The More Convincing Actor

Okay, let’s get one thing straight here. Ridge would have never been able to fool Sheila. However, Bill is more convincing and was the better fit. He admits that he hates Bill but has respect for him because he wouldn’t be able to do what Bill’s doing. This is a big thing for Ridge.

Massive props to Ridge. Truly. He even says that Bill is doing the heavy lifting while all he’s doing is sitting in the FBI HQ growing hair and eating hotdogs and donuts. It’s so hard to see the two of them getting along. Also, as they talk, Ridge doesn’t lose his cool with Bill once. So it’s nice to see, though it will be interesting, how this will all end as Sheila is starting to panic.

Ridge And Bill Know About Her Relationship With Deacon

One last thing. The FBI, Bill and Ridge have been listening to Sheila’s phone calls and know she’s seeing Deacon. This was a question mark for a while because it hadn’t been bought up. But now that we know, we can predict the result when the truth comes out.

Though, will Deacon get into trouble, too, as he’s not supposed to interact with convicted felons, as per his parole officer? It’s hard to tell what will happen, but Deacon is tame compared to Sheila if you consider it. He hasn’t tried to kill people. Sure, he’d done some seedy things, but he’s never murdered or attempted to murder anyone. If anything, he’s been the victim of attempted murder. Remember when Quinn tried to push him off a cliff?

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