The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Why Liam Needs A Slap In The Face


Well done, Liam. You have earned yourself a massive slap across the face for being the soap world’s most idiotic waffler…

We have to give props to Scott Clifton for playing the waffler known as Liam Spencer for over ten years on The Bold and the Beautiful. The Soap Opera world acknowledges your sacrifice. Anyway, we adore the fact that he wants to kill his character as much as we do. How he can save face and not throw his scripts across the room on a daily basis is anyone’s guess.

Now, we want to say that we do not in a million years think that Liam is sorry for all the times he ran to Steffy over the years. He never uses his brain and we know is something Scott has pointed out also. That’s what we love about him. He joins the fans in the blasting his character for unnecessary stupidity. Not many actors would do this. Again, props to him.

Liam only ever thinks with his penis. He doesn’t use his head for even the most logical of situations. His hatred for Thomas is what landed him in Steffy’s bed once again. He claimed (at the time) that because Hope was kissing his mortal enemy, their marriage was over. If he had gone into the apartment when he spied the smooch fest with the mannequin, he would’ve seen that it wasn’t his wife.

Finn was right to call Liam out on his utter stupidity. If he had seen something that wasn’t right, he would’ve run in and confronted the situation. His girlfriend’s baby daddy didn’t do this and how it appears Steffy’s unborn child is her ex-husband’s.

Liam Doesn’t Love Hope – He Loves Steffy

If Liam knew Hope at all he would know that she would never cheat. However, since she has been associating with Thomas because of Douglas, he [Liam] thought that she has a some kind of attraction to her adoptive son’s father. No! Hell to the no!

Liam’s tiny little brain has pushed him back to Steffy more times than we care to count. No wonder viewers are jumping ship. The story has just gotten so stale. It’s clear that the writers of the show want him with his ex-wife. They’ll send him back to Hope for a little while and than she’ll get the blame for something she didn’t do and he’ll straight back to square one.

It has, quite frankly, gotten so old. Liam may claim he loves Hope but we fans can read between the lines. He loves Steffy. He also tends to love the idea of hurting his wife. Why marry her if he was only going to run back to her.

Yes, Steffy has manipulated the situation before to get him to crawl back to her like the little puppy dog he is. Regarding the paternity saga that is going on currently, if she didn’t want to have sex with him, she could have told him to go home to his wife. But no. she wanted to remember what it was like to be with him again. It didn’t matter if her boyfriend Finn and Hope got hurt.

Now, there’s the whole drama surrounding the baby she now carries. For now, the child is Liam’s. But something tells us that there is more at play and it has to do with Thomas’ BFF, Vinny.

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