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Noa Takes Centre Stage – First Trailer For Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes

Cornelius, Planet of the Apes

The Planet of the Apes franchise returns in 2024 with a new protagonist, Noa (Owen Teague), in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. Many years after the War for the Planet of the Apes, the evolved apes are now capable of full speech. Some communities of apes have taken on Caesar’s (Andy Serkis) ideals. However, many have never heard of him.

Before we continue, the information in this article comes from SlashFilm.

Since the announcement of Kingdom, it was widely believed that this new Planet of the Apes film revolved around Cornelius, Caesar’s sole surviving son. However, this, according to the first synopsis, is not the case. Instead, the ideals of Caesar are being used rather than continue the story through the eyes of his son.

However, there might be an explanation for this. In the original Planet of the Apes movies with Roddy McDowall, Zira and Cornelius’ son, Milo, was given a new name as a source of protection after his parents were murdered. Moreover, this might be the same for Cornelius, who was given a new name in case humans or rival apes ever came looking for him. At the moment, we don’t know if this is what is going on.

New Characters In Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes And A Theory On Noa

We also know who some of the actors will be playing now. Outside of Owen Teague’s Noa, we have:

  • Kevin Durand as Proximus Caesar (likely the villain)
  • Peter Macon as Raka (probably Noa’s version of Maurice)
  • Freya Allan as Mae (the new version of Nova)

The synopsis also mentions that generations have passed since War. Given the massive time jump, it certainly looks that way. It also wouldn’t be surprising if Noa is a descendant of Caesar through Cornelius. There is also the possibility that his daughter-in-law, Lake, was pregnant with Blue Eyes’ child, and Caesar didn’t know about it, and Noa descended through them. Anything is possible at this stage. 

When Peter Macon’s name was first attached to the new Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes film, it was instant excitement as he was in The Orville as Bortus, who was almost like the Spock on the Orville crew.

Kevin Durand’s Proxima Caesar will be a highlight in the film as a villain. Since he carries Caesar’s name, it can be assumed that he sees himself as the embodiment of Caesar and carries out his will like some kind of god. Also, the SlashFilm article reveals that Proxima Caesar is a descendant of Bad Ape, Steve Zahn’s character from War.

However, given what the synopsis suggests, Promixa Caesar is enslaving other apes, and it’s up to Noa to save the day. How the humans come into this, we aren’t sure yet. 

Human Things

Our human lead is Freya Allan’s Mae. We don’t know anything about her yet except she’s likely the new Nova. Stills and trailer footage reveal she has some interaction with Noa. Whether she is mute like Nova is unknown.


There is a shot in the trailer that was interesting regarding two chimpanzees reuniting or, at least, hugging. Could Noa and Cornelius both come from the San Francisco Ape Colony?

If the synopsis is correct and the film takes place generations after War, then there is no way the second ape is Cornelius. Also, we don’t know if it is Noa in the shot. Only time will tell.

Apes And Clothing

The trailer also reveals that a few of the apes now wear clothing. Raka, who appears to be the new Maurice, is seen in a vest with a necklace that has the symbol of Caesar’s beloved window from his childhood room in the Rodman house.

Proxima Caesar is seen wearing a crown and armour that gives off General Aldo vibes from Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and Battle for the Planet of the Apes. It should also be noted that Proxima Caesar’s wearing of clothing is continuing the evolution started by Bad Ape. Raka and Noa seem to have followed this trend, too.

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