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Are Prince Harry And Meghan Mooching Off Other Rich People?


Was it Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to mooch off A-celebrities when they moved to Los Angeles? It looks like it is as they have been hunkered down in Tyler Perry’s mansion since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another day, another post about Prince Harry and Meghan. Ugh. As much as we’d rather be talking about any other thing royal-related, this one we couldn’t ignore. Did the Sussexes mooch off other celebrities in order to get Tyler Perry’s multimillion-dollar mansion as their rental property? We would have to say, yes they did.

While this is purely speculation, we need to think about the evidence that is readily available. The couple arrived in LA despite telling the royal family they were going to stay in Canada – which is a Commonwealth country for those wondering.

However, the royals had no place to stay. Though, they could’ve stayed with Meghan’s mother, Doria though then they’d be an even bigger paparazzi target. However, it appears they did not think their plan all the way through before they moved to the States and became forced to mooch.

Yes, It’s Harsh

We’ve always been critical of Harry and Meghan’s behaviour since they’ve been together and for good reason. They have made life for everyone around them difficult because of their demands. Sure, we’re harsh on them, but there’s nothing worse than hearing that a royal has gotten themselves into even more trouble.

With Meghan and Harry having to mooch off even bigger named celebrities, how did they think the world was going to perceive them once the news got out that they were staying at Tyler Perry’s house? Here’s the thing that really irks us. The Duchess thinks she’s a big deal all because she married a prince, is one of the world’s most photographed women and was an actress on a television series that hadn’t even been nominated for a Primetime Emmy.

If Princess Diana were still alive, she would be livid. She did not raise her boys to mooch off others. The late mother-of-two taught her sons to earn their place in the world and not expect opportunities to fall into their laps. William is doing the right thing just as his mum taught him. Harry, however, is just following Meghan’s lead which is something we have discussed before.

Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler even said the princess and Meghan would’ve clashed over their personalities. He’d know as he was a close friend to Diana.

Katharine McPhee-Foster Weighs In

Until recently, the world would never have known that singer/actress Katharine McPhee-Foster (from Smash and Scorpion) and Meghan knew each other unless you followed the star on social media.

According to Katharine, she and Meghan did musicals when they were younger and have been friends for years. Allegedly, she and her husband David Foster who is a record producer helped the royal couple settle into LA life as David was the one who set the couple up with Tyler Perry’s house. We can’t find the source where McPhee said that.

Searching For A Place To Call Home

It appears that Harry and Meghan didn’t think their plan through when they decided to move to America. They knew that was where they wanted to go, but they didn’t have a place to live so they called in a few ‘favours’. Several publications, including 9Honey, revealed in late April that the couple were house hunting in Beverly Hills.

Talk about a fancy neighbourhood. They say they want privacy and now they’re in one of the most recognised locations in the world! There’s going to be paparazzi swarming the place and they’re going to be shooing them away like flies.

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