Jonas Divorce: Is Joe Jonas Entirely Blameless In His Divorce From Sophie Turner?

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Raise your hand if you were a Disney Channel fan in the early to mid-2000s. We know we were. Joe Jonas rose to fame with his brothers, Kevin and Nick and, yes, Frankie, in several Disney Channel projects. Joe became famous for his role in Camp Rock, which he starred in with fellow Disney Channel star Demi Lovato. Nick would go on to date another Disney star, Miley Cyrus. In 2011, Sophie Turner became known for the role of Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. Skip forward to 2016, and there were rumours and confirmation that Joe and Sophie were dating. In 2017, their engagement happened before their secret Vegas wedding in 2019, before a second occurred in France not long after. In 2023, the pair is headed for divorce, but the publicity isn’t consistent with previous statements.

We don’t usually follow the publicity trail of celebrities going through a divorce, but this was too good to pass up. As many of our readers will know by now, we’ve been following the PR failings of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the last couple of years, and we’ve learned a lot.

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Were A Private Couple And Questions

Even casual fans of the Jonas Brothers, especially Joe Jonas, will know how private he and Sophie Turner were during their marriage. Their daughters’ faces have never been shown, and most people didn’t know they had two until recently. Most people only knew they had one, Willa. The second’s name has never been revealed. However, the divorce documents give the second daughter’s initials as D.J. What the name is doesn’t matter. This is about their parents.

So, there is already much coverage of the inconsistencies surrounding Joe Jonas’ publicity in the divorce. However, what we wanted to focus on are two questions. One is what is causing the Jonas PR to go into overdrive. The second is what caused the marriage to break down.

Let’s begin with question one, the Joe Jonas publicity overdrive. The narrative his PR team is spinning is putting Sophie Turner in a bad light. They’re claiming they had different lifestyles and that she’s a partier and abandoning her daughters while she does so while Joe is the homebody. However, that’s not what has been said in the past.

Evidence That Sophie Turner Is Not The Social Butterfly

Celebrity tea and gossip YouTube channel Spill Sesh points out in her video that there are two instances where Sophie is the homebody and Joe is the social butterfly, not the other way around. These statements came from the former couple themselves. Just because you’re pictured out with friends downing shots doesn’t mean you’re a party girl.

The whole reason many celebrities going through difficult breakups put out these types of stories is due to them having something to hide. This was pointed out by Molly MacPherson, a Crisis PR expert, who spoke to Andy Signore on Popcorned Planet. If you look through Google with the words, ‘Joe Jonas Sophie Turner divorce’, almost every story is told from the Jonas camp, not the Turner camp. Molly said the same thing on Today in America.

She said that Sophie being quiet speaks volumes as to her being the one in control, while Joe’s publicity blitz is out of control and trying to stay ahead. As Molly told Andy, the truth will come out eventually, and it might bite Jonas in the rear.

What Caused The Pending Divorce?

Let’s move on to the second question of what could’ve caused the spilt. We must look at Joe’s publicity blitz, which means reading between the lines. If the Jonas camp puts out all these stories about Sophie’s “partying” and leaving the girls with their dad, then it makes Joe look good, right? Well, it makes them look bad in actuality. How, well, it derails what has been said previously. As we mentioned before, the Homebody v. Social Butterfly narrative.

Given it was said on camera twice that Sophie is the homebody, if it does end up in court, it can be proven Joe’s camp is lying. Now, a story came out recently that says that Jonas filed for divorce after seeing ring cam footage that his wife had said or done something. But the question is, what was so bad that he filed for divorce? Also, we must consider that the source that revealed this information is TMZ, a tabloid. Could Joe’s publicity team have teased something? Possibly, but why tease it but not mention what was in the footage? There’s likely no footage, and something else happened, and Joe is trying to stop the truth from coming out.

The Markle Example

Let’s look at an example. As much as we hate to use Meghan Markle, she’s the best sample we have, as we know how her PR strategy works. So, a while ago, a rumour was going around that she was having an affair with one of her bodyguards. This is similar to Princess Diana also having an affair with her bodyguard. To push the stories and rumours down in the search engines, the PR team she is with, WME, had floater stories put out to make it look like she was going to be cast in a sequel to The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner, which is also something Princess Diana was being considered for before her death.

If you type in Google ‘Meghan Markle Bodyguard’, it comes up with the Markle/Costner story rather than the one about the actual bodyguard rumour. There had been rumours for a while that died down, but given the bodyguard was wearing the same coloured tie as Meghan’s dress to the Ms Foundation event, which was also when the fake car crash happened, the story reemerged.

Is Joe Jonas Innocent In The Break Down Of His Marriage?

To end this post, we have to ask, is Joe Jonas innocent in all this? No, we don’t believe he is. There is more publicity coming from his side than Sophie Turner’s. He is trying to hide something while she is holding a dignified silence. It’s like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard all over again without the violence.

Something has happened, and Sophie is being hung to dry by Joe. Whether this is accurate, we don’t know, but guilty parties usually try to worm their way out of a situation, and they’re willing to use their fame to do it. As Spill Sesh says in the video she did, the Jonas Brothers fans are not happy with how things are presented. A lot of celebrity is the same. They play it in a way that makes the public believe it, but thanks to some PR tactics from certain people exposed, the public isn’t as easily fooled as they used to be.

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