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Lea Michele might be pregnant with her first child, but this hasn’t stopped reports about her fame hungry personality in the earlier days of her career from bubbling to the surface.

Wow! Just wow! Lea Michele’s “squeaky clean” image has simply fallen apart. Last week, we reported that the actress who shot to fame as Rachel Berry on Glee had been accused of diva antics. We also criticised that the singer blamed her behaviour on her “immaturity” which doesn’t serve as an apology to Samantha Ware at all, given what’s going on in the world right now.

Just because Lea is pregnant, doesn’t give her the right to brush something as big as racism and bullying off in a three ‘page’ statement posted to Instagram. However, something else has come up that even as a child, Michele was fame hungry.

A former understudy to the actress during the early days of her career as a child performer on stage has come forward to throw her experiences with Lea Michele out in the open.

The Understudy Story

At the mere age of 10, Elizabeth Aldrich served as Lea’s understudy in the stage performance, Ragtime. According to a tweet she posted:

[Credit: Elizabeth Aldrich on Twitter – @elund88]

Lea was fame hungry even at age 12. She was groomed to be a star and she took it literally. Mind you, she had only been performing for two years at this point. She started performing when she was 10. How a little girl could get such an ego in such a short amount of time is unbelievable.

Other Celebrities Speak Up

Amber Riley who played Mercedes on Glee has said she doesn’t care about the issues that have come up about Lea and her fame-hungry ways. She says there are more important things in the world to worry about like the fact people are dying. She’s a million percent correct.

Heather Morris who played Brittany said she’s glad someone spoke up about the situation, but she said she’d stop at the idea of her former co-star being racist. She called Lea ‘unpleasant’ to work with.

It should be noted too that there are few Glee stars who haven’t commented on the situation at all. We mentioned in our previous post that Melissa Benoist who played Marley Rose liked a series of tweets. Meanwhile Naya Rivera who portrayed Santana also hasn’t spoken out but she has unfollowed Lea.

The Real Issue

Was Lea’s diva attitude to blame for her bullying ways or was there so much more to it?

Lea claims she was immature but was she really? She was in her mid-twenties when she did Glee. By that time you know who you are and what you’re capable of. She is just using this trait as an excuse to continue acting this way. For those who don’t know, she’s an only child who was likely spoiled by her parents.

We’re not saying all only children are like this, just the ones who are raised to think they’re better than everyone else. Lea also took advantage of her white privilege to treat other cast members like dirt. Also, because she was the female series lead, she thought everyone had to do what she told them to do.

Show business isn’t about finding fame. It’s about talent and Lea took at advantage of the fact she found her chosen career at such an early age to treat those who entered the Entertainment Industry later in life like they didn’t belong.

It also didn’t matter to her if the person she had targeted was white or black and she didn’t care what ethnicity they were. All she saw was a threat to her career. Was this fair to the other actors? No, it wasn’t. Lea believed her self-worth was greater than anyone else’s on Glee because she had money and fame long before they did.

Was Lea’s Apology Genuine?

Now, we need to ask ourselves whether Lea’s apology to Samantha Ware was genuine. We don’t think it was and here’s why. She made it more about herself, saying that she wanted to be a good role model for her child when he/she was born.

She never once mentions Ware in her statement and ‘apologises’ for hurting people though it sounds unclear as to who she is referring to. Lea would never have issued the apology unless her reputation was on the line. The standing she has now is not the same as it was once upon a time. Her partnership with HelloFresh was ended because they do not tolerate any sort of discrimination or bullying.

Lea should take a long look at herself and think about her behaviour if she really is serious about being a good role model to her child. No child should be raised to think they are better than someone else. Every human being on Earth should be treated equally and it shouldn’t be about fame and fortune.

Fame and money might make appear to be the best thing in the world. Though, it won’t bring anyone true happiness. Not to mention, it also doesn’t given people the right to mistreat others. It only makes them hate on the person that mistreated them.

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