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Explaining Raven In The Live-Action Titans

Raven, Live-action Titans

Raven is one of the most beloved animated DC Comics characters to have transitioned into the live-action Titans television series. We’ve been asked to explain who she is in the show quickly.

Just a few notes before we jump into the Raven live-action Titans explainer. The first is that the show has been out for a while, so there will be NO spoiler warning. Secondly, this post only covers the live-action Titans series and not the animated projects or the comics.

Who Is Raven In Live-Action Titans?

Introduced in the first episode of the first season, Raven, known by her civilian name Rachel Roth, goes to Detective Dick Grayson after seeing him in a vision. She discovers that her mother, Melissa Roth, is not her biological mother. Melissa is later murdered.

Over time, she learns that her biological parents are the demon Trigon and his devoted follower, Angela Azarath.

During Titans, Raven becomes close to Dick, seeing him almost as a paternal figure. She also becomes close to Korand’r, who acts as a surrogate mother to her. Kory and Dick form their own bonds with her too.

Rachel also becomes close to Gar Logan, a shapeshifter who becomes like a brother to her. Regarding brothers, Raven has a paternal half-brother, Sebastian Sanger, who learns much later in life.

Raven’s powers are everchanging from super strength to teleportation. They also come from her father, who gives her some of the same abilities as him. Trigon even goes so far as to hunt her and attempt to sacrifice her to bring himself back from the pits of hell.

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