Regardless of how you feel about live-action Disney films, they’re here to stay. From original films to reimaginings, Disney has seen it all over the years and they aren’t slowing down.

Films go into development on a regular basis with rumors and confirmations surfacing. Like with all franchises, fans either applaud the films or they take to social media and slam them. Either way, you cannot keep everybody happy.

Whatever Walt Disney himself would think about where his beloved company has gone, Disney is turning profit in their eyes, that’s all that matters. The debate still reminds to whether iconic and beloved animated films should become live-action. No matter what side you’re on, it’s a great topic to talk about with friends.

The conversations on social media about the topic often get heated and not in a good way. No one person is right and that’s just the way world works.

No matter what the filmmakers do, people will never be happy with what they do. Nonetheless, Disney will be making live-action films until the end of time.

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