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Book Apps

Nothing says a good book quite like reading apps. There are so many different applications nowadays that it is hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Initially, we were only going to make a list of the more better-known book apps, but given how many there are, we thought it would be best do …

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Book Clubs pt. 4 – Podcasts

Podcasts are a big part of Book Club culture nowadays. They help keep readers informed and connect them with other fans who love the same literature as they do. There are so many book podcasts out there now that narrowing down which ones to listen to is often difficult. Since this is the last part …

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The #PercyJackson #BookTimeline

The Percy Jackson book series timeline is one of the neatest we’ve come across. Sure, there are some events that don’t seem to slot into certain places. But, hey! What book series has a coherent series of events? This post will explore the Percy Jackson timeline from the beginning, thanks to the Timeline page on …

Percy Jackson reread
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#PercyJackson Books #Reread So Far

We’ve been doing a Percy Jackson reread as of late, and we thought we’d briefly go over which books we’ve finished so far. We’ve completed The Lightning Thief and finished the three short crossover stories with the Kane Chronicles: The Son of Sobek, The Staff of Serapis and The Crown of Ptolemy. The Lightning Thief …

Fire and Blood
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Themes From Fire And Blood

We’ve finally finished reading Fire and Blood, the unreliable textbook about the Targaryen dynasty from Aegon the Conqueror to Aegon III. However, the book also explores themes that even its sequels in the Game of Thrones series of books and the television series covers. In this post, we’re going to explain what these themes are. …

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Read Books For June 2023

Not much reading was done of different books in June. Since we’re only just finding our footing back into the world of reading, we decided to read several Goddess Girl books to keep our GoodReads book challenge happy. This was done to prevent any fall behind in which we pledged twelve. We may end up …