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Are Hiccup And Snotlout Cousins In How To Dragon Your Dragon?

Hiccup, Snotlout

A question we keep seeing is whether How to Train your Dragon characters, Hiccup Haddock and Snotlout, are cousins. So, we thought we’d answer this for all the HTTYD fans out there. Now, before we begin, there are two answers to this question.

The first is yes, Snotlout and Hiccup are cousins, but they are only related in Cressida Cowell’s novels. In novels, Snotlout is Snotface Snotlout, the son of Baggybum the Beerbelly and, therefore, the nephew of Stoick the Vast. Snotlout is killed in combat. Hiccup forgives him upon his death.

Furthermore, the book version of Snotlout is a notorious bully who loved to pick on Vikings younger and smaller than him. He was also described as looking like a pig due to his sizeable piggish nose.

How To Train Your Dragon Screen Media Hiccup And Snotlout

Going over to the screen franchise, a lot was changed with the story of Hiccup. While Snotlout is still a character, his name is now Snotlout Jorgenson, and there is no familial link between him and Hiccup. So, no, the two frenemies are not cousins, at least on screen, they’re not. However, while the pair are enemies in the books due to their class, they are notably much closer in screen media.

In the first film, Snotlout was a part of the popular cliche of Viking kids, who were later introduced to their dragons by Hiccup. Going into the show’s first season, Hiccup and Snotlout constantly clash over who is the better dragon rider, despite the clear answer already being there.

There isn’t even a familial connection between Stoick and Spitlout (Baggybum in the books).

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