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Catherine Photoshop Meghan

Do the media have anything better to do than criticise Catherine, the Princess of Wales and her Photoshop skills compared to Meghan Markle? Okay, here is what is annoying me. I am restraining myself here because it has me riled up for a good reason. Why are the media not picking up on Meghan and Harry’s editing fails? Yes, Meghan is a control freak. But she has approved some distastrous Photoshop fails over the years. We’ll get back to that.

Also, why did the photo and news agencies pull Wales’s picture when they wouldn’t have done it to the Kardashians, who are Photoshop-obsessed? According 2Taz did a great video about this, and she’s absolutely right. Everywhere we go, there is some kind of editing going on in photos. Yet, shonky work on a snap taken by the Prince of Wales of his wife and children is given a ‘Photo kill’ order from the biggest agencies in the world? Michelle of the Royal Daily Tea noted that you’d have zoom in on the photo to see the mistakes.

The Media Demands Answers About Catherine’s Photoshop Skills But Don’t Question Meghan’s

The media are hypocrites who cannot get over that their photographers are not being jobs by the Waleses. Also, Taz mentioned in her video that they’re ticked that William and Catherine have not issued the Princess’s private information. Why should they? Firstly, it is NONE of their business. Secondly, how would they feel if their information was leaked online? They would be screaming, “It’s a breach of privacy!”

Catherine has never asked for anything from the media. Ever. So, when she asks for it, the media whinges and complains. I hate saying this, but Catherine is NOT Meghan Markle. All the former actress does is complain, and if her private information were leaked, the media would yell, “Give Meghan her privacy.” So, is the Princess of Wales not entitled to hers in the same way Meghan is?

Also, the media is now saying the trust between them and the Palace has broken. Umm, what? These are the same people who were stalking Catherine while she was dating William, and now they’re claiming that anything, even a minor photo edit, isn’t good enough?

Get stuffed! You’ve vilified a woman for simply wanting her privacy as she recovers from major surgery. If it was your precious Meghan, you’d be bleating from the rooftops, “Give her privacy, give her privacy!”

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Photoshop Fails

If you thought Catherine’s Photoshop fail was bad, let’s look back at some of Meghan and Harry’s editing disasters, shall we?

The Archie Christmas Card Fail

[Credit: New Idea]

Let’s start with Archie’s first Christmas card. He’s only done three in his five years of life. Who knows what will happen this year? Taz mentioned that the card picture was also given a photo kill order. I had no idea, as it wasn’t made public. Also, it’s hard to find any reference to it. Also, the version of the picture I found a while ago doesn’t look great at all, either.

Who Took The Picture?

A Daily Mail article claims that it was Janina Gavinkar who took the picture, and she said it was NOT edited. Do I believe that? No. Well, she must have poor camera skills if Meghan and Archie are more in focus than Harry and the Christmas Tree are. I remember seeing the picture for the first time thinking, “Yeah, this picture is overly blurry.” You don’t need to be an editing expert to notice something like that. The only reason people noticed the issues with the Wales picture was because people zoomed in and noticed.

Also, a spokesperson for the Sussexes spoke out and said that the couple would never be caught in a faux pas as Catherine has been. Ah. Yes, Harry and Meghan have been… by the Megxiteer community. The media doesn’t pick up on it. Also, how does something to do with Catherine have anything to do with the Sussexes? Notwithstanding, the statement by the Sussex camp basically tells us that Meghan is a control freak who wants people to think her life is perfect. There. I said it.

The Hair Fillers

Okay, let’s jump into another couple for you. Harry does not have a full head of hair. Here’s what he usually looks like without the Photoshop.

[Credit: Daily Express]

Now, here are photos of his head being Photoshopped.

These are just a handful of the photos that have been made to look like Harry has more hair than William. At least William embraces his baldness. Anyway, let’s go onto the latest Sussex family fail.

The Christmas Card Weirdness And The Missing Ear

Christmas Card
[Credit: Town and Country Magazine]

Usually, I don’t like talking about the Sussex children, but this one could not be avoided, especially regarding the only Christmas card Lilibet has appeared on. The photoshopping on the card is more noticeable here than it is with Catherine’s photo, and it makes me wonder how Meghan let this slip.

In the photo above, you can see that Lili’s legs look very long, and she has only three fingers on her hand. Meghan’s thumb and index fingers are longer than they should be. Then we move to Harry’s hair. Again, he has more hair than he does in reality. Also, Archie’s hair is redder than it is in reality. For the Sussex Squad in the back who will be screaming, “Archie’s hair is that colour!” No, it’s not that colour and I can prove it its not.

Catherine Photoshop Meghan
[Credit: Vanity Fair]

This picture is from the Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan. If you look at Archie’s head, his hair is not dark red. It’s brunette brown. This picture may have been altered because Lili is missing an ear. She is also brunette in this picture.

Hair Change And Sudden Blue Eyes

[Credit: The Australian Women’s Weekly]

This picture of Lili was released for her first birthday. In a wide version, you cannot see her legs. In the Netflix series, Meghan and Harry claim that Lilibet has the Spencer genes, meaning she’s got blue eyes, and that is what this picture is supposed show along with the Spencer red hair.

However, the picture above, under the previous title, shows Lili with brown hair. An old teacher of mine has a couple of kids with red hair, but neither she nor her husband have red hair. Returning to the Sussexes, Harry and Meghan have the red hair gene. Harry has red hair from his mother’s family, and Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas Jr., had red hair when he was young.

Not to mention, in the docuseries, when Harry is talking about how much Archie resembles Meghan, she looks almost pissed off. Yet, she brightens when it is mentioned how Lili has the Spencer genes and how she has “blue, blue eyes.” This is the problem. They want the world to world to see their daughter as the next Diana, despite Diana being blonde, not a red head.

Meghan’s Face

There are so many things I could say about Meghan’s ever-changing face, but I’m not petty.

This is just a sample of the many photos where Meghan’s face looks different. There are others that really stand out.

Notice Meghan’s nose in the Suits promo shot. It’s much smaller. The image is heavily photoshopped, as all promo shots are. Yet, usually, the actor’s appearance doesn’t change drastically unless they’ve had serious plastic surgery.

One example I can give is Stephen Amell from Arrow. He still looks the same in the promo images for the show and in the show itself. I reference him because he has been cast in Suits: LA as the lead character. Eat your heart out, Meghan.

Meghan Is Enjoying The Media Opinions About Catherine’s Photoshop Fail

Who the hell do these people think they are? Even Piers Morgan, his wife Celia Warden and Omid Scobie are all on the same wavelength this time. Piers, who is friends with many of the royals, should know better.

Scobie, the little puppet he is, said it’s an epic fail. Get bent, Scabies! He doesn’t care as long as he’s bashing the other royals and praising the Sussexes, even if they’ve been seedy.

Other offenders include Chris Ship, who is a closeted Sussex groupie who asked his followers who could identify the tree in the back of the shot.

To end this post, we want to say that Photoshop karma has come for Meghan and Harry several years too late, and it doesn’t even give Catherine a reprieve. The media is now only picking up on the photo of Meghan and Harry’s second pregnancy announcement, which was heavily doctored. This has been known to the public for three years.

Misan Harriman, Meghan’s favourite photographer and friend, admitted in an interview on the Private Passions podcast in 2022 that he had edited the photo. He said that he had taken the picture from England on his iPad while the Sussexes were in California. How this is achieved, I have no idea, but every single photoshopped image of the Sussexes should be removed from the photo agencies if they’re bitter enough to remove one of the Waleses based on small errors.

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