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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Goes For Her Paternity Test, Ridge Breaks The Zoe News To Carter

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There’s so much to cover in today’s The Bold and the Beautiful. Steffy gets her paternity test, Ridge issues the Zoe news to Carter and Hope tells Brooke that Liam potentially fathered another child with his ex-wife…

From the Zoe news that Ridge gives Carter to Steffy’s paternity test, today’s episode was HUGE on so many levels. Firstly, we need to dive into everything with the next Forrester grandchild and boy do we have something to say about this!

Steffy summons Finn and Liam to her house to tell them to stop fighting while she gets her paternity test. This is just the beginning of this spiral. She’s nervous and is desperate for her boyfriend to be the father of her unborn child.

Hope also tells Brooke about Liam’s one night stand with Steffy and how her stepsister is pregnant. This shocks the Forrester matriarch when it shouldn’t really. Anyway, don’t get us started on how what is coming up when it comes to this. Anyway, let’s move onto the Zoe news that is going to conflict Carter and Ridge’s friendship.

The Zoe News That Could Make Or Break Carter And Ridge’s Friendship

Ridge loves Carter like a brother. He said as much last week. Now, all that is at stake over the Zoe news that will break the COO’s heart. We’ve seen his heartbreak before, but this involves Zende.

Despite his hypocrisy with his own children, Ridge wants Carter to marry someone who has his best interests at heart. He even walked in to see Zoe and Zende having a moment.

Carter says that Zoe is his dream woman. Hmm… we’re actually going to dispute that for the simple reason that he is being duped by the model. She only loves him for his title as COO.

Zoe’s sister, Paris has made this point vocal.

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