Avatar: The Way Of Water – Meet The First Family Of The Metkayina Clan

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First family. Royal family. Whatever you want to call the ruling families of the Na’vi of Pandora, you’re in for a real treat with the introduction of the Metkayina clan and its rulers in The Way of Water. Well, that is what we will be doing in this post; introducing the royal family of the Metkayina clan to our audience.

Also, the Metkayina clan is inspired by the Maori people of New Zealand.

So, let’s meet the royal family of the Metkayina clan.

Tonowari – The Metkayina Clan Leader

[Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

The clan leader of the Metkayina, Tonowari, is the husband (mate) of Ronal and the father of three children. His son, Aonung, will some day succeed him as the leader. His daughter is Tsireya “Reya”. Ronal is currently pregnant with their third child.

Tonowari is considered to be Jake’s counterpart as they’re both leaders of their respective clans.


[Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

The wife of Tonowari and the Tsahìk of the Metkayina, Ronal is fearless. She is also the mother of Aonung, Reya and an unborn child. She can be seen as Neytiri, and by extension, Mo’at’s counterpart.

When Jake, Neytiri and the family arrive on their shores, Ronal and Tonowari find themselves in a perdicament; turn them away or allow them to take refuge.


[Credit: Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

Tsireya “Reya”

Likely the future clan leader of the Metkayina, Aonung is the son of Tonowari and Ronal. He is also the brother of Tsireya “Reya” and an unborn child. He is a free diver and hunter for his clan. According to photos released, he will have some interaction with Kiri, Jake and Neytiri’s adoptive daughter.

[Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

The daughter of the Metkayina’s leaders Tonowari and Ronal, Reya is a free diver who is described as her clan’s version of Neytiri. She is the sister of Aonung and an unborn child. When the Sully family of the Omaticaya arrive looking for refuge, Ronal and Tonowari allow them to stay.

Reya almost immediately catches the attention of Lo’ak, the secondborn son of Jake and Neytiri. It is unclear currently if they will be a romantic pairing, though the trailers seem to allude to this being the case.

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